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Space & Satellites

The Bayes Centre brings together the University of Edinburgh's expertise in Space and Satellites and facilitates collaborations with the space industry, creating real world impact.

satellite floating over earth

Our activities focus particularly on gathering data through earth observation using remote sensing technologies such as satellites and using AI and data science for analysis of these datasets. The dedicated Space & Satellite Team in Bayes works closely with the Edinburgh International Data Facility which hosts large volumes of satellite and other geo-spatial data to enable new research and large-scale analysis in areas such as environmental sustainability, agricultural technologies and geo-spacial planning.  

We also work across the university developing cutting-edge research and innovation that supports Scotland’s growing space industry focusing on areas such as the development of small satellites, risk management and fuel sustainability.

Industry Partners

The Bayes Centre hosts a number of Space & Satellite companies who create innovative solutions. Some of these include:

  • Earth Blox is a cloud-based, code-free analysis tool for quickly and easily monitoring natural assets and assessing environmental risks across the globe.
  • HyImpulse are developing an orbital small launcher, powered by green hybrid propulsion technology
  • Environment Systems analyses satellite data to deliver advice and solutions for land management, monitoring and policy for ecosystems, agricultural trials and supply chains.

Contact us if you are interested in working with Space & Satellites at the Bayes Centre. For more information about all the space activities at the University of Edinburgh please visit the Space Innovation Hub pages.

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