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50% of mental illness begins before the age of 14. Self-harm, depression, stress and anxiety occur at least 1 in every 6 children and 70% of them haven’t had an appropriate intervention. Main factors contributing to varying degrees of mental health are represented by basic life skills like cognitive, social skills and emotional skills i.e., ability to recognize, express and modulate one's own emotions, ability to cope with adverse life events.


World-class life skills training and coaching programs developed by domain experts, delivered fully online at an affordable price to enhance social, emotional, and mental fitness amongst children.


The beneficiaries of the product are children in the age group of 6-14 years (for the MVP it will be 9-12 years), however, the buyer would be either parent (B2C) support their children’s wellbeing and growth; and schools (B2B) looking to provide well-being as part of their curriculum.  Our initial focus will be to launch and validate our product in cities in India and UK.  The total addressable market size is 271 million students in India and 15 million in the UK."


Rohan Gorantla