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Meet Whimsylabs




"For years school labs have been phased out due to their high danger, cost and difficulty to assess leading to their removal in 2021. This has caused a crisis in the UK: our worldwide STEM ranking has dropped by 6 places, and the resulting skills shortage is costing ?2Bn per year. Whimsylabs is a virtual laboratory accessible to all over the internet, inspired by my love for experiments. From the unique depth of the simulations, we are the only ones capable of assessing student competence."


Whimsylabs provides a sandbox laboratory simulation with an unparalleled level of depth, assessing the safety and competence all who use it. Allowing industry universities and schools to teach and test scientific skills in an accessible and affordable manner.


Unlike other competitors our main revenue stream does not come from secondary schools; instead because of the depth of our simulation we can sell to industry, universities and the general public, where the majority of our revenue will come from. Secondary schools are struggling with an incredibly tight budget, but because of our unique in the market alternative revenue we undersell all of our competitors, ensuring all schools, regardless of their circumstances, will have their own laboratories.


Joseph French