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Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is an extremely aggressive brain tumour. There is a high unmet clinical need as therapies remain limited and their production is extremely slow. One of the difficulties of translating medical and experimental results to clinical testing has been using man-made surrogate models. However many similarities exist between human and canine malignant glioma. Our business goal is to use this model for helping the development of new immunotherapy solutions.


We will give a fast and economic way for our buyers to carry on with their research. As we also have high specificity by using a model with a specific type of tumours we are confident that we could be a reliable source for scientists that carry this research worldwide.


Scientists involved in drug development and clinical testing. Our in-house testing will be available for academic projects or R&D departments of small and medium scale industries. We plan to not only target human research but also veterinary. Our clients  could also be interested in only having a computational analysis on the clinical candidate before proceeding to select what is the most appropriate target for them


Estefania Esposito