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Current cancer treatment resembles a one-size-fits-all approach where most patients receive similar treatments without patent stratification. We have initially focused on bowel cancer where over 40% of the patients develop cancer relapse due to lack of patient stratification or use of a single-biomarker approach. The single-biomarker approach fails to stratify close to 50% of the patient population and also does not take into account any secondary mutations, observed frequently in cancers.


We use a combination of lab-based tests and genetic sequencing of a patient’s cancer sample and then using our AI model, we generate a response score for each patient. The response score generated will allow the oncologist to select the right treatment for a cancer patient.


We have identified two sequential market entry strategies for our product. We aim to partner with pharmaceutical companies to test their new drug candidates which are in pre/early clinical development. Next, our algorithm could be used to recruit patients for later-stage clinical trials. We will therefore generate initial revenue by providing a service to the pharmaceutical companies. This strategy will also enable our algorithm to serve as a co-approved biomarker for the tested drugs.


 Ashwin Nandakumar