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Meet FastMedCare



"I have had a chance to visit numerous hospitals in Rwanda, and they are all usually crowded with patients who are waiting in long queues to be serviced. Most of them are seriously ill and frustrated because they have  no hope of being treated. There is no clear system in place at most public hospitals in Rwanda that enables the delivery of reliable medical services to incoming patients.  Moreover, patients' medical records are still stored on papers."


We are developing a system that will allow patients to book appointments for consultation with doctors beforehand, it will also enable doctors to manage and access patients? medical records electronically at any time to facilitate accurate diagnostics.


"Our users will be hospitals and healthcare centres in Rwanda. All people who will need to access medical services easily from these hospitals and healthcare centres registered on our platform at any time, anywhere around Rwanda are our customers, and they will have to pay a service fee to use our platform to access nearby health services. We have already spoken to hospitals and they are ready to start using our system once it's up and running."


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