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E.V.A Biosystems

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Synthetic biology provides novel solutions to many issues, yet it remains out of reach, sequestered in labs and used on small scales. This includes issues such as the poor biodegradability of plastics filling the oceans with waste, the efflux of toxic waste from dyes in the textiles industry, and the high cost of biomolecule detection, such as the RNA of COVID19. These are all potentially solvable, but the solutions are too difficult and costly to implement on a large enough scale to matter.


E.V.A Biosystems aims to produce manufacturing compatible adaptive biomaterials, capable of producing advanced biofilters for highly specific molecule binding, with the ultimate goal of developing packaging that can sense its surroundings and only degrade in landfill or seawater.


My clients will initially be researchers in the life sciences, early adopters of experimental new techniques for niche molecule purification purposes. From here the company will expand to larger industry, those needing to remove compounds as part of their own manufacturing process or as wastewater treatment. Once advanced materials for consumer goods have been developed, my clients will be large scale manufacturers of plastic parts and packaging.


Alex Speakman