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Cexal Ltd


The company is focused on the identification of organic and inorganic compounds that pose health-related concerns to individuals via non-living RNA DNA biosensors and mobile technology.  While the technology could be used to tackle needs in different industries, based on the R&D pipeline and the core beliefs of the company, the company aims to first commercialise products to tackle heavy metal pollution in ground and surface water, more specifically arsenic.


Where laboratory analyses are not possible or too expensive we provide significant and actionable information in a matter of minutes for less than 1 GBP per reading with smartphone-based biosensors.


SCENARIO 1 ( rapid test kit detecting Arsenic in ground and surface water) (Customers: Water and Wastewater companies, Governmental Agencies, NGOs -- Especially the ones located in areas affected by Arsenic Poisoning i.e. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China etc. )

SCENARIO 2 (rapid test kit detecting Arsenic in drinking water)

(Customers: Individuals living in remote and rural areas, Individuals that rely on unmonitored water sources).


Matteo Cese