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With it generally taking 14 weeks to get from offer to completion of the property purchase, the lengthy period creates even more stress and worry as fears about failures in the process increase stress. Research by the DBEI Strategy in 2017 found that, for 59% of buyers and 57% of sellers, the time taken from offer to exchange of contracts took longer than they expected. And 47% of customers found the process complicated due to either issue with conveyancers or taking too long.


We believe we have the most efficient & accurate conveyancing solution on the market today. To revolutionise the whole conveyancing sector, we offer three innovations. A data-driven documentation database, A professional knowledge database and the super-exciting A.I. based agent


As an established property investment company, initially the product will be used as our in-house tool to enhance our competitive advantage. The model will be trained and upgraded using our own real-life commercial data. Once the model becomes mature, we will start to sell it to other conveyancing companies.The market size is not visible in this sector. The conveyancing fee per case is normally between ?400 and ?1,500, and it's mainly a fixed labour cost, which is very profitable."


Bo Zhao