Accelerating Entrepreneurship

Edinburgh AI Accelerator Cohort - 5

View the Edinburgh AI Accelerator cohort companies that took part in the programme from September 2021 - March 2022.


aistetic logo
Aistetic’s B2B platform provides accurate 3D body reconstruction from smartphones using computer vision and deep learning addressing the large and growing online clothing, fitness and digital heath markets.

Aventus AI Ltd

Aventus AI allows industries to operate at optimum efficiency and achieve net-zero carbon targets by creating digital twins with integrated AI. By optimising the design, collection and use of industrial sensor data, we produce accurate, world-class, failure detection and prediction processes.


Carcinotech logo
Carcinotech is reinventing cancer research by manufacturing 3D printed tumours using patient-derived cancer stem cells, primary cells and established cell lines. Carcinotech's advanced models provide a platform for rapid, ethical, sustainable and accurate pre-clinical and precision medicine testing.

Chara AI Ltd

Chara ai logo
A screenplay development platform where you can earn cash as you write. Our platform ‘Kototama’  bridges commerce and culture to facilitate the delivery of screenplays that sell and help video platforms discover the stories audiences want by providing a fast and secure way to acquire rights.


emoodie logo
eMoodie addresses the mental health epidemic. Combining different sources of data, eMoodie provides an early warning system to improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals and reduce the burden for health care providers. 

Gibson Robotics

gibson robotics logo
Gibson Robotics is developing an autonomous fixed-wing UAV (unmanned aerial system) capable of capturing an aerial threat, such as the incident which created chaos at Gatwick in 2018. This UAV operates at high-speed and provides a safe, secure and reliable method of handling this problem experienced by airports, prisons, stadiums, and power stations across the world.


gigged logo
Gigged.AI have created a digital talent platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. We make it is easy for on-demand talent to work on remote digital projects from across the UK.

indigo ai logo have created a Conversational AI platform that uses deep learning and virtual assistants (chatbots, voicebots, mailbots, etc.) to let companies easily build, scale and analyse conversational experiences which are bespoke to their business. This delivers efficiencies, savings both time and money, and improves customer and employee satisfaction.

Pulcea Ltd

pulcea logo
Pulcea is a novel venture harnessing marine physics, data, and AI for the development of innovative technologies to improve the health and welfare of farmed Atlantic salmon, while maximising the environmental profile and consumer confidence in the sector.

Scrapp Ltd

scrapp logo
Scrapp is a profit for purpose platform that makes recycling simple, fun, and rewarding for everyone. It starts with just a scan of the barcode found on any household item using our free app. Then Scrapp will show which parts are recyclable or not, according to your local recycling rules.

SnapDragon Monitoring Ltd

snap dragon logo
SnapDragon fights fakes online, identifying copycat and counterfeit products so they can be removed quickly and efficiently, protecting revenues, reputations and, most importantly, the end consumer.

The VR Hive

vr hive logo
The VR Hive is an XR gaming company using AI to deliver engaging learning experiences where players can gain nationally accredited qualifications as they play.