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Edinburgh AI Accelerator cohort 6

Discover the Edinburgh AI Accelerator Cohort


Beringar provides live and historic data that makes your buildings smarter, healthier and efficient. With our state-of-the-art sensors and intuitive dashboard, you’ll have the information you need to drive change.

Danu Robotics

Our revolutionary robotic waste sorting product will help our customers to significantly increase their productivity, boosting the circular economy and cleaning up the environment.


Easy Rice are digitalising staple food industries and promoting sustainability for all stakeholders along the food supply chain.


Etiq AI helps companies to test and monitor their predictive models by identifying issues, bias and preventing accuracy loss in both building & production stages.


Inicio AI has built a next gen conversational AI driven affordability tool that helps customers in debt complete an Income & Expenditure (I&E) assessment.

Medkal Health

Medkal Health provides the first algorithmic solution for accurate and trusted remote clinical data for telehealth and clinical trials.

Microplate DX

Microplate Dx is revolutionising the treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infections by developing rapid diagnostic tests to accurately pinpoint the optimum antibiotic choice for patients in minutes.


MindTrace fuses neuroimaging with measures of a neurosurgery patient’s behavioural performance, simulates surgical resection plans, and predicts cognitive outcomes – all before the first incision, or in real-time during surgery


Enabling access to Natural Language Processing (NLP) in over 90 world languages currently poorly served by existing technology.


Reoptimize provides control settings optimizations for wind turbine owners and operators. This increases annual energy production, reduces loads, and increases wind farm ROI.


Smplicare is empowering the future of independent ageing. We harness data from everyday wearables and digital health devices to proactively alert customers to age related health risks.


Vahanomy's first two services are AI-driven B2B solutions that will remove the bottlenecks in the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure globally.