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Bayes Wayra Accelerator - 3

The Bayes Wayra Accelerator cohort arrived in February 2020 worked with us for 4 months.

The Bayes Wayra Accelerator Cohort is now complete, delivered almost exclusively online due to COVID-19. The virtual Demo Day was held on the 24th June 2020.

Each of these companies were looking for early stage investment to provide them with investor and business introductions, technical and commercial mentorship to articulate their business proposition and develop their core product or service to a range of audiences and provide access to University digital talent.


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Crover logo
Multi-award winning Crover Ltd is centered around the commercialisation of the first ever technology for locomotion in bulk solids (e.g. sand, grains, powders).


Earthwave logo
Earthwave are using space AI technology for energy-intelligence. Developing 'virtual energy inertia' to support the transition to a net zero renewable energy infrastructure.

Legal Utopia Limited

Legal Utopia Limited logo
Legal Utopia is a LawTech venture founded in 2017 focused on making legal services more accessible and truly affordable for everyday legal problems encountered by small businesses and consumers

LiberEat: Pioneering Safer Food Information with Unique Technology

LiberEat is at the forefront of revolutionising food safety through its groundbreaking allergen error detection technology. With an unwavering commitment to public safety, LiberEat’s innovative solution is designed to ensure the accuracy of food allergen declarations, drastically reducing the potential for consumer injuries.

PolyDigi Tech Limited

PolyDigi Tech Limited logo
Polydigi's patented Telco authentication technology (SimKeyGo) is developed to provide higher security to replace the widely used, but about to become obsolete, SMS OTP.


Qpal logo
A fintech applying AI to bring next-level financial data to Telcos.


Sentinel  logo
Sentinel Patient Monitoring Solution (SPMS) is a software solution that uses a hardware sensor to deliver data to A.I. models that are checking for patient improvement and deterioration every 60 seconds, 24x7 for high risk patients in hospitals and in their homes post discharge.


Casper Logo
Sonas-Behavioural Science LTD develops a cloud-based platform CASPER. It is powered by applied emotion analytics along with machine learning to measure mental wellbeing and everyday performance at work beyond surveys.

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