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A fintech applying AI to bring next-level financial data to Telcos.

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Qpal are a Scottish fintech, founded in 2016, now focused on bringing next-level data to the Telco world. Previously operating out in the Middle East, and partnered with Visa, Qpal brought mobile payment and merchant acceptance solutions to cash-heavy economies.

Now based back in the UK, armed with learnings from the payments space, Qpal's new AI tech leverages Open Banking and meshes Telco, customer and financial data streams together to create an advanced layer of customer profiling.

Due to regulation, Telcos have one hand tied behind their back when it comes to handling data, and even more so when looking to innovate with that data. 

Despite being with them 24/7, Telcos have an incomplete picture of their customers’ lifestyle, and with no knowledge of how and where customers spend their money, Telcos are missing out on insight that creates hyper-personalised communication by nature that is highly profitable by design.

Qpal are a team of inquisitive technologists, strategists, visionaries, and introverted extroverts that believe in creating the best possible mobile network experience for customers - get in touch to join them on their journey! 

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