Bayes Centre

Why Bayes?

More information on the history and ideas behind the Bayes name

Bayes Plaque

The Bayes Centre is named after Thomas Bayes (c.1701-1761), a statistician, philosopher, and minister who came to Edinburgh to study logic and theology in 1719. Bayes is famous for Bayes' Theorem, which provides an elegant and simple way of calculating how likely a certain hypothesis is given some observed evidence. For example, if we know the probability of a certain disease in the population, and the probability that this disease would cause a certain symptom to appear, this allows us to calculate how likely a patient who presents with this symptom is to suffer from the disease. Bayes' theorem has been enormously influential in probability theory and statistics, and is considered by many to be that foundation of modern-day machine learning, one of the key methods used in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.