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Data-Driven Trusted Smart Mobiles Fintech Systems Users

5G technologies enable large-scale and distributed smart mobile devices to join in the network and enables fast growth of new smart mobile services such as decentralised financial applications.​​​​​​​

The project will explore smart mobile technologies and client-facing trusted systems with large-scale mobile users. The research team will explore integrated data-driven design to optimise the performance of the next generation mobile services for banks, trading and insurance firms with trustworthy transaction technologies. The project team will adopt an inter-disciplinary research methodology combining distributed/parallel trust algorithm design, data-driven mathematical optimisation, modelling smart mobile users and easy to use financial transaction applications to address the research objectives.

The project outcomes aim to provide research-led disruptive innovation which would enable customised distributed fintech infrastructure provision and would lead to better designed fintech solutions particularly under mobile decentralised scenario. It is also expected to achieve significant economic impacts for the finance industry through mobile applications efficiently and effectively.


Fig. 2 Mobile Blockchain Consensus Framework

Industry Collaborators: Data-Driven Innovation and Polydigi Ltd


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