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Further information about courses, including links to the full course outlines.

Practical Introduction to Data Science (Short Course)

This online credit-bearing course is an introduction to data science for technically-minded people with some basic programming experience who want to apply data science concepts to their work, particularly those in the workplace who need a shorter stand-alone course.

Data Visualisation for Professionals

This online credit-bearing course teaches professionals how to visually explore data and how to criticise, design and implement data visualisations. It teaches the fundamentals of human perception and data visualisation; exploratory data analysis; the importance of interaction in exploration; techniques and tools for data visualisation; storytelling and communication.

Leading Technology and Innovation in Organisations

This online credit-bearing course is aimed at aspiring leaders and managers, who have technical backgrounds and roles in organisations. The course helps them lead and manage organisational changes by providing knowledge of the key concepts, frameworks, tools and techniques to implement changes and innovation in the work place.

Health Data Science

This online learning credit-bearing course aims to equip healthcare professionals with the key foundations and data skills that are needed for data-driven innovation.

Data Carpentry

These non-credit-bearing workshops are delivered fully online and focus on the fundamental tools and methods for data entry, cleaning, analysis and visualisation, using sample datasets from specific fields. The workshops are suited to all work roles with a component of data analysis.