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Further information about courses, including links to the full course outlines. New courses are in development for 2021 and will be updated here when available.

Health Data Science

This online credit-bearing course aims to equip healthcare professionals with the key foundations and data skills that are needed for data-driven innovation.

Leading Technology and Innovation in Organisations

This online credit-bearing course is aimed at aspiring leaders and managers, who have technical backgrounds and roles in organisations. The course helps them lead and manage organisational changes by providing knowledge of the key concepts, frameworks, tools and techniques to implement changes and innovation in the work place.

Earth Observation for Sustainable Development Goals

This online credit-bearing course is an introduction to Earth observation for beginners and non-technical people. The primary aim is to provide students with a well-grounded understanding of the important insights provided by satellite observations with an emphasis on how this data can be used to monitor or evaluate progress on sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Introduction to Big Data and Analytics in Marketing

This online course aims to introduce participants to fundamental aspects of the use of big data in marketing to harness the power of digital and connected technologies.

Explainable Machine Learning: A Practical Introduction

This online credit-bearing course is aimed at aspiring data scientists and software engineers, who have technical backgrounds and roles in organisations involving or related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Digital Influence: Methods, Insights, and Impact

This is a two-day online masterclass for policy makers and policy sector professionals looking to better understand digital influence and develop new analytical skills.

Practical Introduction to Data Science (Short Course)

This online credit-bearing course is an introduction to data science for technically-minded people with some basic programming experience who want to apply data science concepts to their work, particularly those in the workplace who need a shorter stand-alone course.

Understanding Planetary Health Data

This online credit-bearing course is an introduction to the concept of ‘planetary health’, defined as the health of human civilisation and the state of the natural systems on which it depends. Over 5 weeks students will be invited to develop skills in planetary health, data analysis, online group work, with discussion and assessment of key topics done through handling relevant large data sets

Data Visualisation for Professionals

This online credit-bearing course teaches professionals how to visually explore data and how to criticise, design and implement data visualisations. It teaches the fundamentals of human perception and data visualisation; exploratory data analysis; the importance of interaction in exploration; techniques and tools for data visualisation; storytelling and communication.

Data Carpentry

These non-credit-bearing workshops are delivered fully online and focus on the fundamental tools and methods for data entry, cleaning, analysis and visualisation, using sample datasets from specific fields. The workshops are suited to all work roles with a component of data analysis.

Climate Change Risk in Finance

A fundamental course for financial professionals focused on the consequences of climate change on finance – how to navigate data, measure risk, gain accurate insights for financial decision making, and capture opportunities related to transitioning to net zero. Delivered over 10 weeks with a mix of self-paced and live, facilitated discussions with participants from across the financial services sector

Mixed Methods Workshop

A four-part, Mixed Methods workshop series to explore mixing quantitative and qualitative methods as a natural way forward. By mixing quantitative and qualitative methods we can guide our work together, and reflect results, in what matters and is meaningful in people’s real lives.

Developing a Data Driven Creative Company (Bespoke course for the creative sector)

This is a non-credit-bearing course for those at an early stage of working with data and designed for creative and cultural companies from sole traders and start-ups, to relevant department officers within cultural or creative organisations (such as marketing, audience development, ticketing), as well as creative sector trade bodies and commercial companies who may find it useful for upskilling those with new data related job responsibilities or new recruits, and for those who may wish to have a fresh look at how they are handling their data this course may help highlight areas to consider and support the development of a revised plan.