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NOTE: Courses are reviewed yearly and may not run in each Academic Year. The University's Degree Programme Table (DPT) is updated each Academic Year for the programme. 

Course dates for Academic Year 20/21

Course Name


Practical Introduction to Data Science (20 credits) (INFD11010)***

21 Sep 2020 -  21 May 2021

Practical Introduction to High Performance Computing (20 credits) (INFD11009)

21 Sep 2020 - 21 May 2021
Managing Digital Influence (10 credits) (PGSP11391)

21 Sep - 23 Oct 2020

Medical Informatics (10 credits) (MCLM11037)***

21 Sep - 24 Nov 2020

Introduction to Vision and Robotics (10 credits) (INFD11006) 21 Sep - 29 Nov 2020
Natural Computing (10 credits) (INFD11007) 21 Sep - 21 Dec 2020

Introduction to Practical Programming with Objects (10 credits) (INFD11001)

(Previously Introduction to Java Programming (INFR09050))

21 Sep - 29 Nov 2020
Practical Image Analysis 1 (10 credits) (NEME11054) 21 Sep -21 Dec 2020
Programming Skills (10 credits) (INFD11016) 21 Sep -21 Dec 2020
Software Development (10 credits) (INFD11017) 21 Sep -21 Dec 2020
Leading Technology and Innovation in Organisations (10 credits) (CMSE11495)

This course will be run twice

Semester 1 : 21 Sep - TBC . Semester 2:  11 Jan -  TBC

Technologies of Civic Participation (10 credits) (PGSP11390) 26 Oct - 27 Nov 2020
Neuroimaging: Common Image Processing Techniques 1 (20 credits) (NEME11006) 11 Jan - 30 Apr 2021
Neuroimaging: Common Image Processing Techniques 2 (10 credits) (NEME11037) 11 Jan - 30 Apr 2021
Introductory Applied Machine Learning (20 credits) (INFD11005)* 11 Jan - TBC
Understanding Data Visualisation (20 credits) (PGSP11484) 11 Jan - 21 May 2021
Probability and Statistics (10 credits) (MATH11204)

11 Jan - 12 Mar 2021

Practical Image Analysis 2 (10 credits) (NEME11055) 11 Jan - 21 May 2021
Threaded Programming (10 credits) (INFD11012)* 11 Jan - 21 May 2021
Message Passage Programming (10 credits) (INFD11011)* 11 Jan - 21 May 2021
Neuroimaging: Image Analysis  (10 credits) (NEME11035) 11 Jan - 21 May 2021
Informatics Project Proposal (INFD11014)** 11 Jan - TBC

Engaging with Digital Research (10 credits) (PGSP11401)

19 Apr - 21 May 2021
The Use and Evolution of Digital Data Analysis and Collection Tools (10 credits) (PGSP11388) 31 May - 2 July 2021


* Please pay particular attention to the additional requirements of this course.

** Notes a course that must be taken if student wishes to take their dissertation with the School of Informatics. This can be taken as 'class only' if eligible students have already completed 120 credits.

***Notes a compulsory course for a specific programme.  For full details regarding compulsory courses and for information about the number of successful credits required for progression and awards please see the Assessments link below:


Each course can be taken in isolation as Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD). The PPD option also permits students to build up credits to gain an award over a longer period (up to 2 years).

Dissertation Projects (MSc students only)

Students must also complete a project (worth 60 credits) in the form of a written dissertation. This activity will allow students to draw from the combined experience of previous activities and interactions, and apply what they have learnt to a practical research question. The final submission will be expected to be at a level appropriate for an independent researcher and be a good indication of a student’s potential to go on to be a productive researcher in a relevant sub-discipline of Data Science.  (Available for students taking MSc programmes only.)

  • Data Science, Technology and Innovation Dissertation (MCLM11035)
  • Medical Informatics Specialism Dissertation (MCLM11036)
  • Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre Dissertation Project (INFD11013)

  • School of Informatics Dissertation Project (INFD11003)

  • School of Social and Political Science (PGSP11499)

Future Courses

We anticipate the below courses will be available in future years (TBC):

Image and Vision Computing (INFD11004)

Learn how images are formed, and how computer vision extracts knowledge about the world from images, including geometric fitting, image representations for vision, object detection, recognition, identification, matching, and the basics of deep learning for vision.


Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship (CMSE 11202) 

This introduction to entrepreneurship provides a on-line enabled curriculum for students to explore entrepreneurship and innovation as a subject of study and as a practice.


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