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Bayes provides a membership scheme that allows external organisations to be part of a wider community of students, research-active academic staff and other businesses operating in a data-centric field.

Our mission is to make Edinburgh the data capital of Europe which is why we are keen to collaborate with businesses who are using disruptive data technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, NLP, Blockchain, Quantum, Robotics and Autonomous Systems (amongst others!) to deliver impact through innovation.

Membership provides hot desking facilities including WIFI, access to meeting rooms, facilities such as kitchens and cycle storage, inclusion on the Bayes website, mailing lists and social media feeds (for relevant events/posts you would like to share with the distribution list). Options for dedicated desks and office space are also available for longer-term partnerships.

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Current Members


auticon logo
auticon is an award winning international IT and data consulting services company and social enterprise.

BigML Alba Labs

Big ML logo
Machine Learning made beautifully simple for everyone

Centre for Future Infrastructure

Centre for Future Infrastructure logo
The Centre aims to be an intellectual hub for ideas, and a workshop for forging those ideas into practical opportunities and applications, bringing together stakeholders from across the University sector, industry, government and beyond


CogniHealth logo
Living better with dementia


Workplace conversations are powerful. They can create huge business value - and they can destroy value, too.

EIT Digital

EIT Digital Logo
For a strong digital Europe

FinTech Scotland

FinTech Scotland logo
Enabling fintech companies of all sizes to start, scale up, develop and prosper


Game-changing launch services for sustainable access to space


HyperionDev is southern Africa’s largest tech education provider. Our mission is to close the global tech skills gap with accessible education by building and delivering better technical education for anyone who wants to learn digital literacy and programming skills

Incremental Group

Incremental Group logo
Digital technology company Incremental is a Microsoft Inner Circle member, and one of the fastest-growing Dynamics partners in the UK.


IntelliDigest logo
At intelliDigest, we seek to develop the most fulfilling, innovative, secure and profitable experience for our customers as we work with them to solve the global food waste challenge.


Ocyan logo
Ocyan enables the disruption of traditional industries with emerging technologies by providing an end-to-end Cloud Operating System for enterprise blockchains is only the beginning.


SageCity logo
SageCity optimize the efficiency of processes within businesses and create new revenue streams. All with blockchain and sidechain technology.

Space Intelligence Ltd

space intelligence logo
Space Intelligence supports Nature Based Solutions to Climate Change, by providing information from satellite data analytics.


​​​​Snugg's mission is to make energy efficient homes simple and affordable for everyone.

The Data Lab - Industrial Doctorates

Data Lab logo
The Data Lab is Scotland’s Innovation Centre for data and AI.  Our mission is to help Scotland maximise value from data and lead the world to a data powered future


Trace logo
Trace helps organisations protect the data that matters. It’s clever compliance with global Data Protection regulations like the GDPR through Trace's intuitive SaaS platform, expert services and innovative digital learning.

Trade in Space Ltd.

Trade in Space Ltd. logo
Trade in Space provides a financial service product that enables a global peer-to-peer fair trade marketplace for farmers by harnessing the power of blockchain, AI and real-time data collected by satellites

Viapontica AI

Viapontica AI logo
Our clients are forward-thinking organisations looking for custom-built disruptive and future-proof solutions to their business challenges

ZIVA Robotics

ZIVA Robotics logo
ZIVA Robotics, formerly known as Casta Spes Technologies, build autonomous robotic vehicles that provide accountable, accessible & affordable security

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