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We love working on data driven innovation. Our interests are broad, but our expertise is deep, and we have a range of options to support industry partners, academics, students and entrepreneurs to collaborate using emerging technologies for real world impacts.

Our Assets

The team at Bayes has developed a highly successful approach for collaborating on projects for data driven innovation. This focuses on the realisation of outcomes, supports the sharing of knowledge and skills between collaborators, and which leverages assets and experience from previous projects to accelerate and promote iterative learning.

Our People

The most critical asset in any innovation project is people. We have a range of options for engaging academic specialists from across the University either to participate directly on a research and development project involving data technologies, or to supervise others such as early career academics and students in their participation; and we are actively involved in supporting entrepreneurship from within the University as well as beyond so we can also make connections and project support to entrepreneurs and SMEs working as part of an innovation project. Our ethos at Bayes is ‘one team’ so we will always work with each participant to ensure that the project, and the individuals, benefit from the experience.

We know that data expertise is hard to come by in the market, particularly in terms of novel technologies and techniques or new models of application. Some options that we tend to use to as standard to facilitate involvement from students and academics are:   student projects, PhD studentships, secondments in / out from industry to academia some of which can be supported through funding.

Finance and ROI

Our innovation team is on hand to explore potential projects, to advise on any options to attract funding to de-risk an amplify ROI for industry partners. Funding calls and competitions are regularly changing, and our Innovation Team is happy to discuss particular opportunities and provide advice on potential funding options for a collaboration, or to deliver services through our Data Science Consultancy Unit (DSCU).

Our Areas of Interest

We love working on projects with the potential for learning something new and testing our new methods or applying existing methods in new contexts. Our communities of interest from a research and development perspective are very broad, but this list is not exhaustive, and the Bayes Centre’s focus for collaboration is to support knowledge exchange on technical fields and priority themes involving data tech/ application of data tech at mid/ low TRL levels for data driven innovation.  

Getting Started

We encourage would be Industry and Academic Collaborators to reach out in the first instance to our Innovation Team who can explore options with you based upon your individual needs.

For SMEs, participating in one of our accelerator programs we can support introductions to academics with specific domain or technical expertise, advice on funding and introductions to industry partners for contract and partnership opportunities, plus investors. Again we’d urge SMEs interested in innovation project opportunities within consortia to reach out to our Innovation Team for advice on the potential to access support to develop an MVP or run trials, leveraging the Innovation Voucher scheme should this be applicable.

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For University staff and students requiring further information relating to the Bayes Innovation Group please visit Bayes Intranet