Bayes Centre

The Health Data Exchange

Empowering patients to aggregate, own and share their medical and behavioural data, enabling a new generation of AI innovators to solve future health and wellbeing challenges.


The problems we solve:

  1. Individuals must take greater responsibility for their personal healthcare (self-care) and share their data with those who need it
  2. Doctors and health services need to understand and react faster and more precisely to individual conditions and population threats
  3. Innovators and researchers need access to massive Real World Evidence data banks necessary to address the current and future challenges. In order to enable a new generation of innovators , this level of access must come at far lower costs and more rapidly than is currently available.


Create a means for an individual to collect a copy of their medical and behavioraldata, from all their sources, automatically, in a solution built on trust. Enable them to share that data, with explicit and revocable consent, with:

• Self care applications to enhance their health and wellbeing,

• Their practitioners to enable remote monitoring and care,

• The medical research and innovation community to enable far faster research and treatment delivery.