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Space Intelligence

Identifying, Enabling, and Monitoring Nature Based Solutions.


Companies and governments are making commitments to Net Zero to mitigate the climate crisis. Nature Based Solutions (NBS). Forest planting and peatland restoration will be a major contribution to this. The optimal NBS sites must be identified, mapped and monitored on a regular basis; and their carbon stocks assessed. This information must be accurate and consistent, and readily available. However these NBS sites are often remote, vast, and difficult to access. Even monitoring with drones and aircraft is unfeasible. Satellites are the only viable means to do this, but analysis is currently provided by scattered consultancies providing inconsistent information.



Space Intelligence has created a consistent means to provide the information which is required to select and monitor NBS projects at scale. Using our expert knowledge at the intersection of Ecology and AI applied to big data from space, we have productised off-the-shelf solutions for NBS implementation. Our products are sold by unit area mapped, creating a readily-available, trusted source of information backed by world-class science, being adopted by both the public and private sector around the world.