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Change is complex, but delivering it doesn’t have to be. Embrace the future of project delivery with Sharktower


Every year organisations waste billions on mismanaged change projects with nearly 50% of project failing to within timescales, or a third failing to meet the original business goals. At a time when businesses must respond faster than ever...traditional project management is falling behind. Outdated ways of working, heavy with manual data chasing and reporting, are no longer fit to deliver the rapid change needed to survive.


Sharktower removes wasteful manual reporting and reduces the impact of project failures by helping project teams spot problems before they occur. Underpinned by data, Sharktower's intelligent project delivery software gives transparency and clarity in one place. Meaning work can be planned, delivered and viewed in real-time across the whole business. Our predictive analytics and delivery insights beautifully visualise where project teams need to focus increasing productivity and the probability of successful outcomes.