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We are putting mobile network management on autopilot in the cloud


Network slicing is a key feature of 5G that allows operators to customise resources on a per-service basis. By logically partitioning the physical infrastructure into separate virtual networks, this paradigm provides the means to serve each particular service’s requirements and could enable new lucrative revenue streams. However, without deep intelligence into the type and origins of traffic flowing over slices, it is impossible to effectively and efficiently monetise them.


Our Microscope solution is a cloud-native technology that harnesses the exceptional feature extraction abilities of deep learning to disentangle massive data traffic streams into the individual mobile services that make up such aggregates (including Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, Google cloud services, etc.). This allows operators to see network usage in real-time on a per-disaggregated traffic basis, at any level within the network (from base stations, all the way to core datacentres).