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Worksafe.AI is an AI-driven bio-safety assurance tool for building design. A Worksafe.AI building will, by design, reduce the opportunities for infection to spread within the occupants.


Epidemiologists say we will have to live with COVID and receive annual vaccinations much like flu. Flu alone is responsible for 650k deaths each year and, for workers over 50yrs old, 159m lost working days, valued at $39bn to the global economies each year. As well as COVID and Flu, we live with over 1500 workplace-transmissible infections which, until now, we have lacked the tools to proactively manage at work. The global pandemic has demonstrated that any enclosed structure may pose a bio-safety risk to its occupants and with 90% of our time spent indoors, we must now use techniques such as AI to address this problem.



AI enables us to build complex simulations using epidemiology, building design data and human movement analysis creating a unique bio-safety assurance tool. We believe bio-safety assessments must now undertaken as standard practice to building design and construction, much in the same way as fire safety risk assessment and sign off is required by health and safety regulations. A WorkSafeAIdesigned building will contribute to the health of facility users and improve business productivity through reduced staff absence. It will reduce the need for building-shutdowns improving the economic impact on whole life facility costs, driving sustainability.