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Industrial, academic and business expertise collaborating in a unique multi-disciplinary environment.

We love working on data driven innovation. Our interests are broad, but our expertise is deep, and we have a range of options to support industry partners, academics, students and entrepreneurs to collaborate using emerging technologies for real world impacts.

Entrepreneurship & Industry Partners at the Bayes Centre

Discover more about our, assets, people, finance and ROI, areas of interest and how to get started.

External Partners for Student Projects

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Engage Invest Exploit (EIE), our annual technology investor readiness programme and showcase, is central to the University’s delivery of its role in the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.

The University of Edinburgh AI Accelerator

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Welcome to the University of Edinburgh’s AI Accelerator

The University of Edinburgh Venture Builder Incubator

Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Venture Builder Incubator

Bayes Data Science Unit

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We recognise that data skills can be hard to come by in the market, particularly in novel domains. We also know that there is sometimes some up front technical work that’s required to test the feasibility and inform the scope of larger, complex projects which is why we have set up the Bayes Data Science Unit.

Innovation Labs

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The term innovation lab can mean many things to many people. At Bayes, we are already working with collaborators on innovation projects so it’s important to note what makes an innovation lab different. In short they are a model for a consortia, who are substantially committed to working together on a major challenge, to leverage an iterative method for experimentation to deliver significant real world impact.

Innovation Team

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For University staff and students requiring further information relating to the Bayes Innovation Group please visit Bayes Intranet