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Data-Driven Innovation – Small Grant Innovation Funding Call

As part of the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) Programme response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the DDI initiative has allocated up to £100,000 to be released as small grants to enable staff and students at the University of Edinburgh to practically apply data-driven innovation ideas in support of communities, services and businesses in the Edinburgh and South-East Scotland Region.

We anticipate funding projects in the range of £1,000 to £25,000 with work that can start immediately on the basis of a rolling (weekly) deadline taking place in the next 3-4 months.

We are aware that many of our colleagues from across the University of Edinburgh are working on the front-line in our hospitals or undertaking globally-important research on COVID-19. We want to equip a wider cohort of staff and post-graduate students with the resources needed to use data-driven innovation in responding to and accelerating our recovery from this crisis.

The call is administrated centrally, but we are keen to support College of Science and Engineering (CSE) bids through Bayes, so would like to ask you to contact Simon Marr who is coordinating this at the Bayes level if there is anything we can help with, e.g.,

  • pointing potential applicants to relevant data science and AI expertise, 
  • helping establish links to industry and public sector collaborators, and
  • bringing in external delivery partners from our startup and SME ecosystem.

More generally, there may be links between your proposal and our existing portfolio of activities across education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship - we would encourage potential applicants to get in touch to explore these to help maximise the impact of your idea and access expertise and resources from wider Bayes community. 

Bayes will of course also provide project management, finance, and reporting support to all successful bids, and we will liaise with colleagues at the appropriate time.

Please contact us to discuss your idea before you submit an application

For Bayes-related applications please contact Business Development Manager; Simon Marr and Bayes Centre Director; Professor Michael Rovatsos, and for  the DDI Programme you can contact DDI PMO Joshua Ryan-Saha or Ailsa Falconer through Microsoft Teams or by email.

View guidance and application forms here:

Call Guidance

Application Form