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Essential Purpose Access

Please review our updated facilities and building access information.

Following Scottish Government confirmation that we have moved beyond the initial period of lockdown, we are able to provide essential purpose access on the following basis:

  • colleagues who need to be on site to prepare buildings for re-opening (including specialist contractors);
  • colleagues who need to be on site to prepare teaching materials where this cannot be done from home (e.g. access to film studios);
  • colleagues who are involved in the research activity in line with the re-opening of research facilities;
  • colleagues (including members and partners) who need access to facilities to collect materials to support continued home working under the University’s ‘one-off’ access protocol.

With effect 29th June, the University has asked that the local management unit take responsibility for deciding which staff have an essential purpose that requires them to be on campus.  In order to help the frontline Bayes Centre support all access requests, we ask that colleagues, students, members and partners complete the short Essential Purpose Access form to help us to properly plan and be aware of your requirements.​​​​​​


In accordance with University and Scottish Government advice, and until the point where the Bayes Centre has fully re-opened, we will support essential purpose access as follows:

  • via the online form, local occupant unit management teams will work with the Bayes Operations Team to manage who, from within their respective teams, are deemed as having an essential purpose in line with Scottish Government guidance and University of Edinburgh requirements.
  • the Bayes Centre Operations Team will resume the management of swipe access control.
  • the Phase 1 essential worker ‘right of passage’ letters will no longer be required to be issued to staff who are deemed as having an essential purpose to enter the building.
  • the Bayes Centre Operations Team takes responsibility for ensuring that appropriate safety measures are in place to support access and, if necessary, will liaise with Health & Safety and Estates to support occupant needs.
  • via the online form, the Bayes Centre Operations Team will maintain an accurate account of building occupancy at all times.


The opportunity to request essential purpose access, should not be seen as an opportunity to allow staff, students, members and partners to return to the Bayes Centre unless it legitimately fits the Scottish Government criteria and the associated University approved processes.

The University position is still very much that those who can work from home should continue to do so.  As part of this change, the University asks that individual buildings maintain tight control, and that they maintain a local register of who is deemed as having essential purpose access, including why they need to be on campus and for how long. This will include recording one-off access requests in line with the one-off access process.

Further information is available on the University COVID-19 Staff FAQs.  Please route all essential purpose access requests via the online form – any requests made directly to any member of the Bayes Operations Team will be re-routed to the form.


Essential Purpose Access Form

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