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Facilities - Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Whilst the Bayes Centre moves towards a ‘holiday closure’ approach, please review our updated facilities and building access information here.


Should Royal Mail continue to provide their standard service, mail will be delivered to the main University post rooms, however, it will not be distributed to the Bayes Centre during the closure period.

Due to the above, we strongly advise where possible, to have mail redirected to your home or other relevant address. If this is not possible and you are expecting time sensitive/urgent mail please contact, otherwise your mail will be kept at the main University post room until Bayes official reopens at which point mail will be delivered in bulk.


The Parking Office have offered free parking for the purpose of collecting equipment and personal belongings. Should you wish to park please email stating your reason for parking and vehicle registration number and a member of the parking team will get back to you.

Fire Safety

It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that they are made aware of the evacuation procedures, fire escapes and fire assembly point for the building.

Appropriate signage with information about the emergency procedure is available on each level throughout the building. Green Fire Exit signs are in place throughout the building and will guide you to the nearest exit.

If you discover a fire, please head to the nearest fire alarm break glass point and firmly press the centre of the glass. The alarm should sound immediately and you should evacuate the building using the closest fire exit.

If the Fire Alarm sounds, for longer than 60 seconds, all building occupants are required to evacuate immediately and gather at the defined assembly point – outside the Richard Verney Health Centre at the side of Bristo Square.

Security and CCTV Coverage

Please remember to be responsible with your belongings and lock them up if they will be unattended.

Please note that the Bayes Centre will still be accessible via swipe entrance (at this time) that ID cards are required when in the Bayes building, and if you have tailgated someone either entering or exiting the building it will be expected of you to have your ID card on you and you should present it if requested.

Building security and CCTV is provided by the University of Edinburgh Security Department. The Security team can be contacted 24/7 throughout the year.

• For general enquiries call 0131 650 2257

• In case of emergency call 0131 650 2222

• Email:

Health & Safety

The full University Health & Safety Policy can be accessed and printed from the ‘Current Policy’ section of the Health & Safety website at:

All incidents, accidents and any near misses must be reported using the standard University Accident Report Form, available online at:

Additional Queries

Should you have any further questions which are not answered above please contact


Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

For the latest University of Edinburgh information and advice see: Coronavirus updates