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Bayes - Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Latest information and advice regarding the Bayes Centre approach to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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For the latest information and advice see: Coronavirus updates

Bayes Centre update - 24th March announcement

Following the UK and Scottish Government announcements last night, it has now become imperative to fully close the Bayes Centre.  We had expected that this would come later this week, but events have accelerated faster than we anticipated.  This means that the ‘holiday closure’ that has been in effect since last week will no longer apply.  University Security are now preparing to remove swipe access and completely close the building (and all adjacent buildings and access points) as quickly as is practicably possible.

Please bear in mind that access can now only be granted in extreme or emergency situations. If you require further guidance regarding emergency access please contact -  

The Bayes Team is committed to working remotely and will continue to support our colleagues, partners, members and activities as best we can during this challenging time. 

Bayes Director, Professor Michael Rovatsos – 18th March message

Dear Colleagues, 
I wanted to follow up Neil’s announcement with a message to thank the Bayes team for all their hard work to make sure we implement government and University guidance with as little disruption as possible given the circumstances, and all of you for your understanding and cooperation. 
At Bayes we are clearly entering uncharted territory here. This is not only because of the very unusual circumstances the world is finding itself in since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, but also because we are a very young organisation ourselves, and work in an environment that is unusual for a University building in terms of its mix of people from around 40 different organisations. 
It is clear that over the following weeks, maybe even longer, we will all be presented with further challenges as we try to continue our work with very limited or no access to the building, and I want to reassure everybody that the teams supporting Bayes activity are committed to providing business continuity during this period. 
We will be working very hard to replicate as many of our services as we can in a “virtual” Bayes, and I would like to encourage you to reach out to colleagues and collaborate with them as before to the extent that you’re able to do so given your own work arrangements. We will no doubt run into difficulties as we attempt this, an we will need to rely on your patience and assistance as we’re learning to deal with this situation. 
I am confident that this will provide opportunities for members of the Bayes community to learn from each other, and we will do our best to serve this community and support everybody wherever we can. If we are lucky, we may be able to turn this into an opportunity to find creative solutions and new ways of working that will benefit all of our constituencies in the longer term - so if you have any ideas and suggestions please let us know! 
As a senior colleague once told me, if the physical presence of the University disappeared one day, what we would be left with would be its people, and they are its actual strength. Bayes is a great experiment to add to this strength by bringing people from many other organisations to the University. Let us continue to work together, look out for each other, and use this combined strength as we navigate turbulent times.
All the best

Facilities Information and General Resources

Some information which may be helpful can be found below, whilst this may be subject to change, we will ensure this information continues to be updated.

Facilities - Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Whilst the Bayes Centre moves towards a ‘holiday closure’ approach, please review our updated facilities and building access information here.

General Resources

Further information on a variety of resources and platforms which provide valuable services in the current situation.

Volunteer and Funding Calls

Calls for specific expertise and volunteers to help testing for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and to gain survey responses to further investigate the pandemic.

Members & Partners

Bayes commitment to continuity of business for our community.