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Latest information and advice regarding the Bayes Centre approach to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Bayes Centre update - 19 June update

In line with the Scottish Government’s guidance, the University Estates team has now issued a set of guiding principles that all Schools and units need to follow to ensure the safe reopening of buildings. In conjunction with this, a College wide coordination group for reopening of buildings has been set up to oversee this planning for CSE buildings.

There are two key steps to be undertaken before any building can be occupied again:

  1. Re-activation of each building.  This work will be undertaken by Estates and will involve testing water systems, ventilation, fire alarms, lifts and so-on.  
  2. Planning and implementing the required COVID-19 control measures for each building.  This work will be undertaken by Bayes and involves setting up appropriate Covid-19 measures, such as one-way systems, social distancing for shared facilities and offices, cleaning regimes, signage, etc.


In line with current guidance, if you can work from home then you should continue to do so. Staff who can continue to perform their roles at home should be aware that homeworking is likely to continue for a number of months for a number of our colleagues, even as restrictions begin to ease. This is to reduce our population on campus and enable the physical distancing which will allow us to operate safely.

More detailed guidance on how the University will support continued homeworking is being developed, and will be made available on our website next week:

Visit the University’s Guidance on Homeworking webpages

Return to the workplace

If your role means that you will be asked to return to the workplace during our gradual reopening, you will be contacted by your manager to inform you of plans.

Access to buildings

We are aware of requests for staff to access buildings to collect equipment to support homeworking. Under current restrictions, the University is unable to allow any access, especially to those buildings that are fully closed.

However, as Government lockdown restrictions ease, we will be confirming how you might get limited access to your normal place of work to collect essential items to support your continued working from home.


We will continue to keep you updated via this webpage and our community mailing list as plans progress and new Scottish Government guidance is published, which will confirm how and when we can move into the next phase of lockdown.

Facilities Information and General Resources

Some information which may be helpful can be found below, whilst this may be subject to change, we will ensure this information continues to be updated.

General Resources

Further information on a variety of resources and platforms which provide valuable services in the current situation.

Volunteer and Funding Calls

Calls for specific expertise and volunteers to help testing for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and to gain survey responses to further investigate the pandemic.

Members & Partners

Bayes commitment to continuity of business for our community.

Essential Purpose Access

Please review our updated facilities and building access information.