College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Student participation in quality assurance

The College highly values your participation in quality assurance. There is a range of ways you can get involved at the School, College and University levels. This includes student involvement in Student-Staff Liaison Committees and taking on the role of class or School representative.

Course feedback questionnaire

All students are asked to complete a course feedback questionnaire. Course organisers use this feedback to identify course enhancements on their course monitoring forms.

Student surveys

Student surveys are a key element in seeking feedback from students on their learning experience and also their experience of student support services. The University uses the information to enhance the student experience.

College quality assurance committee membership

The College Quality Assurance Committee has an undergraduate and a postgraduate taught student representative. These student representatives are full and equal members of the committee.

College student quality forum

The Student Quality Forum, convened by the Associate Dean, Quality Assurance, meets once a semester. It provides another opportunity for both undergraduate and postgraduate students to give feedback on a range of issues.