College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Changing your programme

Information on how to change your degree programme if the track you are on is not right for you.

Undergraduate degree programme transfers

Schools in CAHSS approve all degree programme transfers for students.  Students should contact the School into which they wish to transfer to discuss their request but should note that transfers of degree programme are only permitted at the end of an academic year of study.


Postgraduate degree programme transfers

A student may be allowed to transfer to a different degree programme from another within the University by permission of the receiving College. When such permission is granted, the student shall, in addition to satisfying the requirements for the degree to which transfer is made, pursue such further courses of study as the College may require. To begin the process or get additional information you should begin by contacting the school you are currently affiliated with.

Your School 

Find specific advice for transfers and contact details for support for current students on your School webpages.

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