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Thesis submission for examination

How to submit your thesis to the College Postgraduate Research Student Office. The College Office now accepts electronic-only submission of theses for examination.

When do you need to submit your thesis?

You are expected to submit your thesis within the last two months of your maximum period. You must submit your thesis on or before your maximum end date.

If you wish to submit more than three months before your prescribed end date, you must confirm this with your supervisor, and have your early submission approved by the College Exams Committee.

If you think you will need an extension to your maximum period of study, you will need to contact your supervisor to discuss arranging an Extension of Studies.

If more than three months pass between submitting your Notice of Intention to Submit form (NITS) and your soft‐bound thesis, we may need to contact your examiners to confirm they are still available.

What if your maximum end date is at the week-end or in a holiday?

If your maximum end date falls on a day when the College Postgraduate Research Student Office is closed, this is not a problem.

You can submit your thesis on the first day that the office is open again and this will not be considered a late submission.

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your thesis arrives at the College by your submission deadline.

What if your thesis title has changed since you submitted your NITS?

The title on your NITS form must be your final thesis title.

If your title changes after you have submitted your NITS pack, you need to re‐submit these forms, ensuring they show the correct title.

Re-submit a Notice of Intention to Submit (NITS)

What do you need to submit your thesis?

The thesis file must contain

  • a declaration of own work,
  • an abstract
  • and a lay summary.

Lay Summary in Theses Guidance (131.81KB, PDF)

Signed Declaration in a Research Thesis guidance (162.36KB, PDF)

There is no requirement to include a seperate signed declaration of own work. Completion of the thesis submission process covers this requirement.

PhD and MPhil students can make the Board of Examiners aware of the impact the pandemic has had on their research when they submit their thesis. This statement should not be included within the Thesis, but provided as a separate document of no more than a single page at the point of Thesis submission, via the online submission system. For any student who has already submitted the Thesis but still to have their viva this can also be sent directly to .

This statement will be submitted to the Examiners following the receipt of the pre-viva Reports, but before the Viva.

Format and binding

Detailed guidance on how to format thesis can be found in the Standards for the format and binding of a thesis.

Standards for the format and binding of a thesis (PDF) 

Word count

Please note you will be asked to confirm your final word count on submission.

If the word count is above that permitted for your programme, a Concession for this additional wordcount must be approved before submission - otherwise the Thesis will be returned.

Supervisor support for the additional word count will be required with the Concession request.

If the request is approved, Examiners will be notified of the additional work required prior to their appointment, or before the Thesis is sent for examination.


Please consult advice issued by your subject area regarding referencing regulations.


Please note your thesis must be submitted through Turnitin before submission and all similaritly reports discussed with your Academic Supervisory Team.

Turnitin guidance


You are welcome to use a proof‐reader for your thesis. However, please be advised that proof‐readers should only comment on grammar, vocabulary, and clarity of written English; they should not advise on the subject matter of your thesis or your argumentation.

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As the author of your thesis, you hold copyright of all work submitted for assessment.

Upload one electronic (PDF) copy of your thesis

Do you use University systems with staff credentials?

Always submit your thesis file(s) using your student credentials (

If you use University systems with staff credentials, please click on the button below to open the link in an incognito or private browser window so that you may log in directly with your student credentials.

If you are denied access because you are logged in with staff credentials, log off and log back in with your student credentials.

Reminder: This page is aimed at students for a postgraduate research degree in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

It will be most helpful for us if you apply the following file naming convention to your files:
  • UUN-lay-summary (for example, 's0564558-lay-summary')
  • UUN-thesis-1 (for example, 's0564558-thesis-1')
  • UUN-thesis-2 (for example, 's0564558-thesis-2')
  • ...


Submit your thesis file(s) to the Postgraduate Research Student Office (student login required)

What happens next?

Once we have received your thesis and your examiners have been nominated, the College Postgraduate Research Student Office will send your thesis out to your examiners for the first stage of the examination process.

Examination and viva