College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Notice of Intention to Submit (NITS)

The first step on the road to thesis submission.

Who decides when you are ready to submit your thesis?

You must let your supervisor know when you feel you are ready to submit your thesis.

Together with your supervisor, you will then arrange a schedule of dates for completing the elements of your thesis submission.

It is recommended that you put your thesis through TurnItIn to check the simililarity report and discuss these with your Supervisor before final submission. Your Graduate School will have details of how to do this (for example, Learn). 

On submission you will be asked to confirm that all necessary plagiarism checks have been made, and the work is all your own.


How is your submission date decided?

Your submission period begins three months before the end of your prescribed period of study.

Your prescribed study period

Your prescribed period of study is determined by your programme.

Find your prescribed period of study in the Degree Regulations and Programmes of Study

Your maximum end date

You can find your maximum end date on your personal EUCLID page, and this is the final date that you must submit a copy of your thesis for examination.

If you think you will be unable to meet this deadline, you will need to contact your supervisor to discuss arranging a Concession (for example, an extension of studies).

A Concession will not be considered retrospectively therefore you must contact your Supervisor in plenty time (we suggest 3-4 months before your maximum end date).


When do you submit your Notice of Intention To Submit (NITS)?

You should submit your Notice of Intention To Submit (NITS) form two months before your maximum end date (or two months before the date when you wish to submit your thesis, if this is earlier).

If you submit your NITS form less than two months before submitting your thesis, or if you submit the notice at the same time as submitting your thesis, this may delay the process of nominating your examiners.


What do you submit and where?

If you are about to submit your Notice of Intention to Submit,

please complete the NITS form and your Abstract

Find these forms with the University's Academic Services

Please note that your abstract should include your thesis word count. You can check the maximum wordcount for your thesis via the DRPS.

If your thesis exceeds the maximum permitted you must inform your Supervisor who will be required to apply for a Concession to permit that this is accepted.

Please note you are not required to submit a lay summary with your notice of intention to submit (this should however be incorporated into your thesis when you submit).

Once completed your forms should be uploaded using the submission button below.

You are required to be logged in with your student credentials to access the NITS submission below.

Do you use University systems with staff credentials?

Always submit your NITS using your student credentials (

If you use University systems with staff credentials, please click on the button below to open the link in an incognito or private browser window so that you may log in directly with your student credentials.

If you are denied access because you are logged in with staff credentials, log off and log back in with your student credentials.


Submit your Notice of Intention To Submit (NITS) and abstract

Reminder: This page is aimed at students for a postgraduate research degree in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

It will be most helpful for us if you apply the following file naming convention to your files:
  • UUN-NITS (for example, 's0564558-NITS')
  • UUN-Abstract (for example, 's0564558-Abstract')


Submit your Notification of intention to submit  (NITS) and your abstract

The Online Thesis Submission System is still available for all staff, so Supervisors are still able to approve NITS through Sharepoint.


What if something changes once you have submitted your NITS?

If anything changes once you have submitted your NITS, you should contact your Supervisor, School Graduate Office or College Postgraduate Research Office ( depending on the issue as soon as possible.


What happens next?

After receiving your NITS, your Graduate School will liaise with the PGR Student Office on the process of nominating examiners.

If you have a Schedule of Adjustments relating to examination arrangements please ensure the School are aware of this and the details can be passed onto the examiners, if appropriate.

Nomination of examiners