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Open Access Chapters

These are some of the chapters that we have recently made Open Access and are available through Edinburgh Research Explorer.

September 2020

Islam, political Islam, and the state system. / Volpi, Frederic.

Routledge Handbook of International Relations in the Middle East. ed. / Shahram Akbarzadeh. 1. ed. Routledge, 2019.

August 2020

United in Separation? Lozi Secessionism in Zambia and Namibia. Zeller, Wolfgang; Melber, Henning.

Secessionism in African Politics: Aspiration, Grievance, Performance, Disenchantment. ed. / Lotje de Vries; Pierre Englebert; Mareike Schomerus. 1. ed. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. p. 293-328 (Palgrave Series in African Borderland Studies).


Why believe in normative supervenience? Roberts, Deborah.

Oxford Studies in Metaethics. ed. / Russ Shafer-Landau. Vol. 13 Oxford University Press, 2018. p. 1-24 (Oxford Studies in Metaethics).


Experimental replication of stone, bone and shell beads from Early Neolithic sites in Southeast Europe. / Gurova, Maria; Bonsall, Clive.

Not Just for Show: The Archaeology of Beads, Beadwork and Personal Ornaments. ed. / Daniella Bar-Yosef Mayer; Clive Bonsall; Alice M. Choyke. 1st. ed. Oxford : Oxbow Books, 2017.


Statutory regulation of misleading silence : Insurance, unfair commercial practices and duties of disclosure . / MacQueen, Hector.

Misleading Silence. ed. / Elise Bant; Jeannie Paterson. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2020. p. 179-202.


Asking between the lines: Elicitation of evoked questions in text. / Westera, Matthijs; Rohde, Hannah.

Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium. 2019.

July 2020

How patterns spread : The to-infinitival complement as a case of diffusional change, or "to-infinitives, and beyond". / Los, Betty.

Categories, Constructions, and Change in English Syntax. ed. / Nuria Yáñez-Bouza; Emma Moore; Willem Hollmann; Linda van Bergen. Cambridge University Press, 2019. p. 149-169.


Trust in the police and police legitimacy through the eyes of teenagers. / Farren, Diego; Hough, Mike; Murray, Kath; McVie, Susan.

Minority Youth and Social Integration: The ISRD-3 Study in Europe and the US. ed. / Sebastian Roche; Mike Hough. Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2018. p. 167-192.


From International Law to National Law : The opportunities and limits of contractual CSR supply chain governance. / McCall-Smith, Kasey; Ruhmkorf, Andreas.

Law and Responsible Supply Chain Management: Contract and Tort – Interplay and Overlap. ed. / Vibe Ulfbeck; Andrea Horowitz; Katerina Mitkidis. 1. ed. Routledge, 2019. p. 15-45 (Routledge Research in Corporate Law).


The minister : Some literary perspectives. / Jack, Alison.

Schools of Faith: Essays on Theology, Ethics and Education. ed. / David Fergusson; Bruce McCormack. 1. ed. T & T Clark, 2019. p. 249-258.


Tartan noir and sacred scripture : The Bible as artefact and metanarrative in Peter May's Lewis trilogy. / Jack, Alison.

The Bible in Crime Fiction and Drama: Murderous Texts. Bloomsbury, 2019. p. 29-40.


Hope and ecology. / Northcott, Michael.

Historical and Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Hope. ed. / Steven Van den Heuvel. Springer, 2020. p. 215-238.


I diritti come spazio di socialità : La timē tra diritto e dovere. / Canevaro, Mirko.

Dike. Ovvero della giustizia tra l'Olimpo e la terra. ed. / Alberto Camerotto; Filippomaria Pontani. Milano-Udine : Mimesis Edizioni, 2020. p. 157-177.


Prospective sensemaking and thinking infrastructures in a large-scale humanitarian crisis. / Gatzweiler, Marian Konstantin; Ronzani, Matteo.

Thinking Infrastructures. Vol. 62 Emerald Publishing, 2019. p. 85-112 (Research in the Sociology of Organizations).

June 2020

Crime Scenes: Latin American Crime Fiction 1970s to 2010s. ed. / Charlotte Lange; Ailsa Peate. Peter Lang Publishing Group, 2019. p. 111-132.


Translating voices in crime fiction : The case of the French translation of Brookmyre’s Quite Ugly One Morning. / Bosseaux, Charlotte.   The Palgrave Handbook of Literary Translation. ed. / Jean Boase-Beier; Lina Fisher; Hiroko Furukawa. Cham : Palgrave, 2018. p. 125-144 (Palgrave Studies in Translating and Interpreting).


Finance. / Crosthwaite, Paul. The Routledge Companion to Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction. ed. / Daniel O'Gorman; Robert Eaglestone. Routledge, 2018. (Routledge Literature Companions).


Rhyme and reason : The Homeric translations of Dryden, Pope, and Morris. / Canevaro, Lilah.

Reading Poetry, Writing Genre: English Poetry and Literary Criticism in Dialogue with Classical Scholarship. ed. / Silvio Bär; Emily Hauser. 1. ed. London; New York : Bloomsbury, 2018. p. 94-116 (Bloomsbury Studies in Classical Reception).


Protestant Dissent in Scotland, 1689-1828. / Brown, Stewart.

Oxford History of the Protestant Dissenting Traditions: The Long Eighteenth Century c. 1689-c. 1828. ed. / Andrew C Thompson. Vol. 2 Oxford University Press, 2018. p. 139-159.


Farcical politics : Fielding’s public emotion. / Tierney-Hynes, Rebecca.

Intimacy and Celebrity in Eighteenth-Century Literary Culture: Public Interiors. ed. / Emrys D. Jones; Victoria Joule. Cham : Palgrave, 2018. p. 139-163.


Economic Valuation of the Environment. / Yearley, Steven.

Environment and Society: Concepts and Challenges. ed. / Magnus Bostrom; Debra Davidson. 1. ed. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. p. 143-165 (Palgrave Studies in Environmental Sociology and Policy).


Russian linguistic culture in the era of globalisation : A turn to linguistic violence. / Ryazanova-Clarke, Lara.

Russian Culture in the Era of Globalisation. ed. / Sarah Hudspith; Vlad Strukov. 1st. ed. Routledge, 2018. p. 264-290 (BASEES/Routledge Series on Russian and East European Studies).


Modified fractions, granularity and scale structure. / Cummins, Christopher.

The Semantics of Gradability, Vagueness, and Scale Structure: Experimental Perspectives. ed. / Elena Castroviejo; Louise McNally; Galit Weidman Sassoon. Springer-Verlag GmbH, 2018. p. 221-241.


Land rights and justice in neoliberal Mozambique : The case of Afungi community relocations. / Symons, Katherine.

The Right to Nature: Social Movements, Environmental Justice and Neoliberal Natures. ed. / Elia Apostolopoulou; Jose Cortes Vazquez. 1. ed. London : Earthscan-Routledge, 2018. p. 70-83 (Routledge Studies in Environmental Policy).


An introduction. / Wyatt, Jonathan.

Therapy, stand-up and the gesture of writing: Towards creative-relational inquiry. 1. ed. Abingdon : Routledge, 2018. p. 1-11 (Writing Lives).


Reshaping quality and equity : Global learning metrics as a ready-made solution to a manufactured crisis. / Aaron Benavot ; Smith, William.

Grading Goal Four: Tensions, Threats and Opportunities in the Sustainable Development Goal on Quality Education. Brill, 2020. p. 238-261.


Facilitators : The micropolitics of public participation and deliberation. / Escobar, Oliver.

Handbook of Democratic Innovation and Governance. ed. / Stephen Elstub; Oliver Escobar. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., 2019. p. 178-195.


Indigenous Religions : Local Grounds, Global Networks. / Longkumer, Arkotong; Tafjord, Bjørn Ola; Kraft, Siv Ellen; Johnson, Greg; Alles, Greg.

Routledge, 2020.


Multiple discrimination in EU anti-discrimination law : Towards redressing complex inequality? / Xenidis, Raphaele.

EU Anti-Discrimination Law Beyond Gender. ed. / Uladzislau Belavusau; Kristin Henrard. Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2018. p. 41–74.


‘An Ark to Save Learning from Deluge’? Reconceptualising Legal Deposit after the Digital Turn. / Gooding, Paul; Terras, Melissa.

Electronic Legal Deposit: Shaping the Library Collections of the Future. ed. / Paul Gooding; Melissa Terras. facet publishing, 2020.


Implementing Advanced Digital Imaging Research in Cultural Heritage: Building Relationships Between Conservators and Computational Imaging Scientists. / Terras, Melissa.

Book Conservation and Digitization : The Challenges of Dialogue and Collaboration . Arc Humanities Press, 2020. p. 217.


May 2020

New human : Ethics, trust and the extended mind. / Carter, Joseph; Clark, Andrew; Palermos, Spyridon.

Extended Epistemology. ed. / J Adam Carter; Andy Clark; Jesper Kallestrup; S Orestis Palermos; Duncan Pritchard. Oxford University Press, 2018. p. 331-352 16.


Military power in the Christian Roman Empire, ca. 300–1204. / Stouraitis, Ioannis.

A Companion to the Byzantine Culture of War, ca. 300-1204. ed. / Y Stouraitis. Leiden : Brill, 2018. p. 1-20 (Brill's Companions to the Byzantine World; Vol. 3).


Border studies : Temporality, space and scale. / Nugent, Paul.

The Routledge Handbook of Transregional Studies. ed. / Matthias Middell. 1. ed. Routledge, 2018. (Routledge History Handbooks).


Womanhood implies travel : Punjabi marriage migration between India and Britain. Qureshi, Kaveri; Rogaly, Ben.

International Handbook on Gender and Demographic Processes. ed. / Nancy Riley; Jan Brunson. 1. ed. Netherlands : Springer, 2018. p. 203-214 (International Handbooks of Population; Vol. 8).


'My name is not Tom' : Josiah Henson's fight to reclaim his identity in Britain, 1876-1877. Murray, Hannah-Rose.

Memory and Postcolonial Studies: Synergies and New Directions Across Literatures from Europe, Africa and the Americas. ed. / Dirk Göttsche. Peter Lang, 2019. p. 169-186 (Cultural Memories).


Exploring Greek Manuscripts in the Library at Wellcome Collection in London. / Bouras-Vallianatos, Petros (Editor).

London : Routledge, 2020. 212 p.


The Wellcome Greek Collection. / Bouras-Vallianatos, Petros.

Exploring Greek Manuscripts in the Library at Wellcome Collection in London . ed. / Petros Bouras-Vallianatos. Routledge, 2020. p. 1-11.


Jenny'a diary : A Resource to Support Conversations About Dementia With People Who Have a Learning Disability. / Watchman, Karen; Tuffrey-Wijne, Irene; Quinn, Sam.

Pavilion Publishing, 2015. 46 p.

April 2020

Henry James, vulgarity and transatlantic moderation. / Taylor, Andrew.

Nineteenth-Century Literature in Transition: The 1880s. ed. / Penny Fielding; Andrew Taylor. Cambridge University Press, 2019. p. 157-177.


Respecting each other and taking responsibility for our biases. / Mason, Elinor.

Social Dimensions of Moral Responsibility. ed. / Katrina Hutchison; Catriona MacKenzie; Marina Oshana. New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018. p. 163-184.


Living in a world of foam : Global ideas, bubbles, institutions and the fairy tale of business education . / Mazza, P; Quattrone, Paolo.

The Future of University Education. ed. / M Izak; M Kostera; M Zawadzki. 1. ed. Palgrave, 2017. p. 111-121 (Palgrave Critical University Studies).


Shakespeare and the mind. / Anderson, Miranda.

The Routledge Companion to Shakespeare and Philosophy. ed. / Craig Bourne; Emily Caddick Bourne. 1. ed. Routledge, 2018. p. 436-453 (Routledge Philosophy Companions).


Disneyization and the provision of leisure experiences. Beames, Simon; Brown, Mike.

The Palgrave Handbook of Leisure Theory. ed. / Karl Spracklen; Brett Lashua; Erin Sharpe; Spencer Swain. Milton Keynes: The Open University and Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. p. 855-871.


Byzantine collections and anthologies of poetry. Spingou, Foteini.

A Companion to Byzantine Poetry. ed. / Wolfram Hörandner; Andreas Rhoby; Nikos Zagklas. Leiden; Boston : Brill, 2019. p. 381-403 (Brill's Companions to the Byzantine World; Vol. 4).


Disposing of dead images : Reflections on contentious heritage as toxic waste. / Harries, John; Adler, Tal ; Kempinski, Aglaja.

Art, Anthropology and Contested Heritage: Ethnographies of TRACES. ed. / Arnd Schneider. 1. ed. Bloomsbury Academic, 2019.


Teleological and reflexive nationalism in the new Europe. / Walker, Neil.

Changing Borders in Europe: Exploring the Dynamics of Integration, Differentiation and Self-Determination in the European Union. ed. / Jacint Jordana; Michael Keating; Alex Marx; Jan Wouters. 1. ed. Routledge, 2018. p. 163-180.


New perspectives on the structure of the Antonine Wall. / Romankiewicz, Tanja; Milek, Karen; Beckett, Chris; Russell, Benjamin; Snyder, J. Riley .

The Antonine Wall: Papers in Honour of Professor Lawrence Keppie. ed. / David J. Breeze; William S. Hanson. Oxford : Archaeopress, 2020. p. 121-141 (Roman Archaeology; Vol. 64).


March 2020

Dubbing. / Bosseaux, Charlotte.

The Routledge Handbook of Audiovisual Translation Studies. ed. / Luis Pérez-González. Routledge, 2018. (The Routledge Handbook of Audiovisual Translation Studies).


Communities of production and consumption : Modernism and the re-birth of tragedy. / Taxidou, Olga.

A Cultural History of Tragedy in the Modern Age: 1920-Present. ed. / Jennifer Wallace. 1. ed. Bloomsbury, 2019. (A Cultural History of Tragedy; Vol. 6).


American modernism and the Crash of ’29. / Crosthwaite, Paul.

The Routledge Companion to Literature and Economics. ed. / Michelle Chihara; Matt Seybold. 1. ed. Routledge, 2018. (Routledge Literature Companions).


The new sensationists : Shi Zhecun, Mu Shiying, Liu Na'ou. / Rosenmeier, Christopher.

The Routledge Companion of Modern Chinese Literature. ed. / Ming Dong Gu. 1. ed. Routledge, 2018. p. 168-180.


Deconstructing and reconstructing Article 7 TFEU. / Nic Shuibhne, Niamh.

The EU and the Proliferation of Integration Principles under the Lisbon Treaty. ed. / Francesca Ippolito; Maria Eugenia Bartoloni; Massimo Condinanzi. Routledge, 2018. p. 160-180.


Persepctival Realism. / Cretu, Ana-Maria.

Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory. ed. / Michael Peters. Springer Singapore, 2020.


February 2020

Retrenchment, conditionality and flexibility : UK labour market policies in the era of austerity. / Heins, Elke; Bennett, Hayley.

Labour Market Policies in the Era of Pervasive Austerity: A European Perspective. ed. / Sotiria Theodoropoulou. Bristol : Policy Press, 2018. p. 225-251.


What's wrong with child labor? / Cook, Philip.

The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Childhood and Children. ed. / Anca Gheaus; Gideon Calder; Jurgen de Wispelaere. Abingdon; New York : Routledge, 2018. p. 294-303 (Routledge Handbooks in Philosophy).


Supporting Members. / Geddes, Marc; Mulley, Jessica.

Exploring Parliament. ed. / Cristina Leston-Bandeira; Louise Thompson. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018.


Social justice and widening access to higher education in Scotland : The role of Scottish colleges. / Riddell, Sheila; Blackburn, Lucy.

New Frontiers for College Education: International Perspective. ed. / J. Gallacher; F. Reeve. Routledge, 2018. p. 182-201.


The policy prominence of wellbeing and the implications for education. / Thorburn, Malcolm.

Wellbeing, Education and Contemporary Schooling. ed. / Malcolm Thorburn. Routledge, 2017.


Diaspora and religion : Connecting and disconnecting. Liberatore, Giulia; Fesenmyer, Leslie.

Routledge Handbook of Diaspora Studies. ed. / Robin Cohen; Carolin Fischer. 1. ed. London : Routledge, 2018. (Routledge International Handbooks).


Symmetry and affinity : Comparing borders and border-making processes in Africa. / Nugent, Paul.

Deepening Divides: How Territorial Borders and Social Boundaries Delineate our World. ed. / Didier Fassin. London : Pluto Press, 2019. p. 233-256 (Anthropology, Culture and Society).


Understanding Kant's Ethics. Cholbi, Michael.

Cambridge University Press, 2016. 232 p.


Uncertainty, fluidity and occupying spaces in-between : Peace education practices in Mindanao, the Philippines. / Horner, Lindsey K.

Peace Education: International Perspectives. ed. / Monisha Bajaj; Maria Hantzopoulos. Bloomsbury Academic, 2016. p. 125-140.



January 2020

Osteoarchaeological analysis of human skeletal remains from 23 Irish caves. Fibiger, Linda.

Underground Archaeology: Studies on human bones and artefacts from Ireland's caves. ed. / Marion Dowd. Oxbow Books, Oxford, 2016. p. 3-37.


Introduction. / Canevaro, Mirko; Gray, Benjamin.

The Hellenistic Reception of Classical Athenian Democracy and Political Thought. ed. / Mirko Canevaro; Benjamin Gray. Oxford University Press, 2018. 1.


Wedging. Calvert, Jane.

Routledge Handbook of Interdisciplinary Research Methods. ed. / Celia Lury; Rachel Fensham; Alexandra Heller-Nicholas; Sybille Lammes; Angela Last; Mike Michael; Emma Uprichard. 1. ed. Routledge, 2018. (Routledge International Handbooks).


A lathe and the material sphaera : Astronomical technique at the origins of the cosmographical handbook. / Oosterhoff, Richard.

De Sphaera of Johannes de Sacrobosco in the Early Modern Period: The Authors of the Commentaries. ed. / Matteo Valleriani. Springer, 2020. p. 25-52.


A foreign commission for domestic needs : The constitutional founding of Malaysia. / Kumarasingham, H.

Constitutional Foundings in Southeast Asia. ed. / Kevin YL Tan; Ngoc Son Bui. 1. ed. London : Hart Publishing, 2019. (Constitutionalism in Asia).


Nicholas of Cusa and early modern reform : Towards a reassessment. / Burton, Simon; Hollmann , Joshua ; Parker , Eric .

Nicholas of Cusa and the Making of the Early Modern World. ed. / Simon Burton; Joshua Hollmann; Eric Parker. Leiden : Brill, 2019. p. 1-46 (Edit Studies In The History Of Christian Traditions; Vol. 190).


Hijacked or hooked? Religion in populist politics in Germany. / Schmiedel, Ulrich.

Is God a Populist? Christianity, Populism and the Future of Europe. ed. / Susan Kerr. Oslo : Frekk Forlag, 2019. p. 96-107.


Forms and functions in the spatial-deixis derivations of Shilluk transitive verbs. / Remijsen, Bert.

A Grammar of Shilluk. Vol. Special Publication 14 Honolulu, Hawai'i : Language Documentation& Conservation, 2020. p. 1-59.


Shelter after disaster: Strategies for transitional settlement and reconstruction. / Lee, W. Victoria.

Geneva, Switzerland : UNOCHA, 2010. 354 p.


December 2019

Recourse claims between carriers : Another obstacle to intermodality? Lamont-Black, Simone.

Current Issues in Freight Forwarding: Law and Logistics. ed. / Simone Lamont-Black; Rhidian Thomas. Lawtext Publishing Ltd, 2017. p. 198-239.


'God’s Caliph' revisited : Umayyad political thought in its late antique context. / Marsham, Andrew.

Power, Patronage and Memory in Early Islam: Perspectives from Umayyad history. ed. / Alain George; Andrew Marsham. Oxford University Press, 2018.


'Earth and stone' : Improvement, entailment, and geographical futures in the novel of the 1820s. Fielding, Penelope.

Cultures of Improvement in Scottish Romanticism, 1707-1840. ed. / Alex Benchimol; Gerard McKeever. Routledge, 2018. p. 152-169 (The Enlightenment World: Political and Intellectual History of the Long Eighteenth Century).


Le similitudini dantesche tra letteratura e predicazione : Il ruolo delle artes. Maldina, Nicolo.

Dante e la retorica. ed. / Luca Marcozzi. Angelo Longo Editore, 2017. p. 247-259 (Memoria del Tempo; Vol. 55).


Applying human rights to children’s participation in research. / Tisdall, E Kay M.

Seen and Heard: Exploring Participation, Engagement and Voice for Children with Disabilities. ed. / Miriam Twomey; Clare Carroll. Peter Lang, 2018.


From Thatcher to May and beyond : Women in British politics. / Kenny, Meryl.

None Past the Post: Britain at the Polls 2017. ed. / Nicholas Allen; John Bartle. Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2018.


Revisioning person-centred research. / Hilton, Jo; Prior, Seamus.

Revisioning Person-Centred Therapy: Theory and Practice of a Radical Paradigm. ed. / Manu Bazzano. London : Routledge, 2018. p. 277-287.


Liquid notations : A common language of transitions. Ferracina, Simone.

Liquid Life: On Non-Linear Materiality. ed. / Rachel Armstrong. Punctum Books, 2019. p. 433-479.


Deacons (διάκονος) and διακονία in the writings of Justin and Irenaeus. / Foster, Paul.

Deacons and Diakonia in Early Christianity. ed. / Bart J. Koet; Edwina Murphy; Esko Ryökäs. Tubingen : Mohr Siebeck, 2018. (Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament (WUNT); Vol. 2, No. 479).


War against disease without violence to clinical trial participants? Jeffery, Roger.

Violence and Non-Violence Across Time: History, Religion and Culture. ed. / Sudhir Chandra. 1. ed. Abingdon; New York : Routledge India, 2018. p. 222-246.


November 2019

Innovation and creativity in organizations. / Anderson, Neil; Potocnik, Kristina; Bledow, Ronald; Hülsheger, Ute; Rosing, Kathrin.

Handbook of Industrial, Work & Organizational Psychology: Managerial Psychology and Organizational Approaches. ed. / Deniz S Ones; Neil Anderson; Chockalingam Viswesvaran; Handan Kepir Sinangil. Vol. 3 SAGE Publications Ltd, 2018. p. 161-186 8.


Entrepreneurial ecosystems. / Spigel, Benjamin; Stam, Erik.

SAGE Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. ed. / R Blackburn; D De Clercq; J Heinonen. London : SAGE, 2018. 21.


Hedge Funds as phantastic objects : A psychoanalytic perspective on financial innovations. / Taffler, Richard; Eshraghi, Arman.

The Klein Tradition: Lines of Development—Evolution of Theory and Practice over the Decades. ed. / Penelope Garvey; Kay Long. Routledge, 2018. 27 (Lines Of Development: Evolution of Theory and Practice Over the Decades).


Mere sanctity : The Victorian canonisation of Richard Baxter. / Burton, Simon.

Making and Remaking Saints in Nineteenth-Century Britain . ed. / Gareth Atkins . Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2016. p. 161-176.


Institutionalizing place : Materiality and meaning in Boston's North End. Jones, Candace; Lee, Ju Young; Lee, Taehyun.

Microfoundations of Institutions. ed. / Patrick Haack; Jost Sieweke; Lauri Wessel. Emerald Publishing, 2019. p. 211-239 (Research in the Sociology of Organizations; Vol. 65B)

October 2019

That learning were such a filthy thing : Literacy, education and social control in Huxley’s Brave New World. / Rosenhan, Claudia.

Brave New World: Contexts and Legacies . ed. / Jonathan Greenberg; Nathan Waddell. Palgrave, 2016. p. 51 - 68.


Text, Theater, Demokratie. Zur Utopie des Zuschauerraums bei Heiner Müller. Wood, Michael.

‘Ich Bin Meiner Zeit Voraus’: Utopie und Sinnlichkeit bei Heiner Müller . Berlin : Neofelis, 2017. p. 307-327.


History, language and translation : Claiming the Indian nation. / Israel, Hephzibah.

Routledge Handbook of Translation and Politics. ed. / Jonathan Evans; Fruela Fernandez. 1. ed. Routledge, 2018. p. 386-400 (Routledge Handbooks in Translation and Interpreting Studies).


La variación gramatical y el aprendizaje de los tiempos verbales del pasado en el contexto del español como lengua extranjera. Soler Montes, Carlos.

La adquisición del sistema verbal del español: Datos empíricos del proceso de aprendizaje del español como lengua extranjera. Frankfurt am Main : Peter Lang, 2017. p. 235-266 (Studien zur romanischen Sprachwissenschaft und interkulturellen Kommunikation).


Communist Nationalisms, Internationalisms, and Cosmopolitanisms : The Case of the German Democratic Republic. / Kelly, Elaine.

Confronting the National in the Musical Past. ed. / Elaine Kelly; Markus Mantere; Derek B. Scott. Routledge, 2018.


Writing to it : Creative engagements with writing practice in and with the not yet known in today’s academy. Wyatt, J.; Gale, K.

Qualitative Inquiry in the Public Sphere. ed. / Norman K Denzin; Michael D. Giardina. Taylor & Francis, 2018. p. 171-185 (International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Series).


One indicator to rule them all : How SDG 4.1.1 dominates the conversation and what it means for the most marginalized. Smith, William.

Annual Review of Comparative and International Education 2018. ed. / Alexander Wiseman. Vol. 37 Emerald Publishing, 2019. p. 27-34 (International Perspectives on Education and Society).


Inflectional morphology and number marking in Shilluk nouns. Remijsen, Albert; Ayoker, Otto Gwado.

A Grammar of Shilluk. Vol. Special Publication 14 Honolulu, Hawai'i : Language Documentation& Conservation, 2019. p. 1-80.


Local vs. global scope of discourse markers : Corpus-based evidence from syntax and pauses. Crible, Ludivine.

Empirical Studies of the Construction of Discourse. ed. / Oscar Loureda; Inés Recio Fernandez; Laura Nadal; Adriana Cruz. John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2019. p. 43-59.

September 2019

You never dance alone: Supervising autoethnography

Wyatt, J. & Taland, I. B., 19 Mar 2018, International Perspectives on Autoethnographic Research and Practice. Turner, L., Short, N. P., Grant, A. & Adams, T. E. (eds.). 1 ed. Routledge, p. 218-227 10 p.


March, L., 29 Mar 2018, Routledge Handbook of Russian Foreign Policy. Tsygankov, A. P. (ed.). 1 ed. London: Routledge, p. 79-98 20 p. (Routledge Handbooks).

A SWOT analysis relating the Internet of Things to designing effective HR performance management systems

Calvard, T., 19 Mar 2018, The Internet of People, Things and Services: Workplace Transformations. Simmers, C. A. & Anandarajan, M. (eds.). Routledge, p. 187-206 19 p. Chapter 11. (Routledge Studies in Employment Relations).