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The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science actively takes steps to enable open access to all research outputs.

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The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is committed to the preservation and dissemination of research, and we are actively seeking Open Access for all outputs - not only for those within the scope of the UKRI policy - when it is possible under publishers’ policies. With an emphasis on book chapters and monographs, we contact publishers to request permissions and make these outputs accessible through Edinburgh Research Explorer

In this page you will find information about Publishers' policies for chapters and monographs.

Publishers' policies for chapters

There are some publishers that disallow Green Open Access for chapters, amongst them Elsevier, Thomson Reuters, Boydell and Brewer,  and Brepols.  Others allow authors to self-archive book chapters in institutional repositories. Some permissions and restrictions are below. If you are looking for information on a publisher that is not listed here, please contact


Bloomsbury, upon email request, allows the deposit of one chapter from an authored or co-authored book after six months upon publication. For more information please check the Green self-archiving policies here.


With proper acknowledgement, Brill allows the Accepted Manuscript of a chapter from multi-authored books and encyclopaedias to be made Open Access immediately after publication. For further information please visit the self-archiving rights page.

Cambridge University Press (CUP)

CUP specifies different permissions for the different versions of the chapter. The accepted manuscript or final published version can be made open access 6 months after publication with an acknowledgement statement. However, this does not apply to textbooks, professional books for practitioners or works of reference. The policies for other versions, can be found at CUP Open Access policies.

De Gruyter

De Gruyter allows self-archiving of final published versions published in multi-authored works (journals, anthologies, edited volumes and databases) 12 months after publication. More information in their Open Access Policy page.

Edward Elgar Publishing

With proper acknowledgement, Edward Elgar allows depositing an Accepted Manuscript of a chapter and making it Open after 6 months embargo. The policy does not apply to material included in textbooks, books published primarily for teaching use, titles published for the commercial legal market and reference works such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries or commentaries. For further details visit the Rights and Permissions page.

Emerald Publishing

Emerald permits authors to deposit their chapter in their institutional repository immediately after publication without embargo, according to their 'Author rights' page.

Franz Steiner Verlag

For contributors to anthologies, they allow self-archival of the final published version after 18 months embargo. The online version must be accompanied by a link to purchasing information at their publishing house. Please check their self-archiving rules.

Oxford University Press (OUP)

In their Rights and permissions site OUP specifies that the accepted manuscript of a chapter of a book can be deposited to an institutional repository as long as a link to the published version is added once it is available. After publication authors can upload one chapter or up to 10% of a single authored or co-authored book, and a single chapter from an edited book or collection after 12 months for scientific and medical titles and 24 months for 'academic' titles. Contact OUP to establish what their classification of an 'academic' title entails.


Palgrave MacMillan's Policy for archiving in Institutional or Funding body Repositories allows authors to deposit the accepted manuscript and make it open after 24 month embargo.

Routledge / Taylor and Francis/ Ashgate/ CRC Press

Routledge/Taylor & Francis & Ashgate policies state that chapters from all their books are eligible for green open access. Authors are permitted to upload the Accepted Manuscript chapter immediately after publication after an embargo period of 18 months for HASS and 12 months for STEM book chapters.


For handbooks within the reference category on the SAGE website or Sage Swifs, each contributor may archive up to one of their authored chapters per volume. The version allowed is the Accepted Manuscript and they have stablished an embargo period of 24 months. Please note that this policy does not apply for Sage Business Cases as they disallow Open Access.


Springer allows to deposit the accepted manuscript of one chapter after a 24 month embargo period. For more details, please visit Springer's self-archiving policy.


Publishers' policies for monographs

Fewer publishers disclose their policies for monographs. However, the Open Access team can contact the publisher to request their requirements if not already available. Some permissions and restrictions are below:

Edinburgh University Press

According to the policy, authors can make their proofs Open Access in institutional repositories after an embargo of 36 months from the publication of the most recent edition.

Edward Elgar Publishing

With proper acknowledgement, Edward Elgar allows depositing an Accepted Manuscript of a chapter of a monograph and making it Open after 6 months embargo. For further details visit its Rights and Permissions page.


Palgrave MacMillan's Policy for archiving in Institutional or Funding body Repositories allows authors to deposit the accepted manuscript of one chapter of the monograph and make it open after 24 month embargo.

For information on the chapters that we have recently made Open Access, visit the Open Access Chapters page.