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Transformations in faith

Using image theatre to explore people’s hopes and fears around religious conversion.

The story behind research on how the brain ages

Image of the Lothian Birth Cohort
Engaging the public through an exhibition on the life of Professor Sir Godfrey Thomson, the pioneering educational psychologist who made cutting-edge research on the ageing brain possible.

Enabling inter-agency work with mobile families

Diagram created at the workshop
Bringing together health, education, social service and criminal justice practitioners to generate new knowledge and ways of working.

Multisensory music activities for children with dyslexia

teacher with young children
Using music to enhance the perceptual skills linked to language and literacy.

Jack and Jill and The Red Postbox

‘Jack and Jill & The Red Postbox’ encourages the audience to think about how they live and work alongside those in their communi
Making research on dementia available to a wide audience through film.

Habitats for happy ageing

Engaging older people through science festivals.

Beyond memory, towards action: Reparations for slavery

Beyond memory towards action image
Bringing together academics, activists and practitioners to find practical ways to repair the past.

Scottish policing: past, present & future

Police station sign
Working with Police Officers to understand the history, and plan the future of, police-community relations.

Philosophy in the playground

Philosophy in the Playground
Creating a family-friendly approach to thinking about ourselves and others.

Utilising photovoice

KE case study photovoice
Promoting policy and environmental change in relation to alcohol-related harm.


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