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How to... Connect with policymakers

A guide to help you increase your engagement with policymakers.

This guide will help you identify steps you can take to increase your engagement with policymakers. It provides practical advice on how to make your work known, how keep up to date with what is going on in the Scottish and UK Parliaments, where to find details of consultations at local, national and European level, and how to give effective evidence to committees and consultations.

Other resources

KE Learning Lunches audio

Audio recordings from our UK Parliament KE learning lunch:


Audio recording from our Scottish Parliament KE learning lunch:


Overseas Development Institute

10 things to know about how to influence policy with research

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ESRC Impact Toolkit

The ESRC Impact Toolkit also offers helpful advice on on public affairs, including presenting your case, influencing policy and engaging with the UK Parliament.

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LSE Impact Blog

Thoughts and experiences from several LSE academics plus their tips on preparing and giving evidence to policymakers

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Giving evidence in Parliament: A guide for academics