Research and Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange resources

Explore what knowledge exchange is, read project summaries and access how to guides.

What is knowledge exchange?

Knowledge exchange (KE) is a process which brings together academic staff, users of research and wider groups and communities to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise.

KE projects

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Discover a selection of knowledge exchange projects

Public engagement opportunities

Festivals and events where you can share your research with the public.

How to... Develop a knowledge exchange and impact strategy

Resources to help you develop a strategy for enhancing the impact of your research.

How to... Design and evaluate knowledge exchange events

A guide to help you plan and evaluate your KE event, including questions to ask to assess the impact of your event.

How to...Write a research briefing

A guide to help you structure a research briefing.

How to... Connect with policymakers

A guide to help you increase your engagement with policymakers.

How to... Record impact on PURE

Resources to help you log impact on PURE.

How to... Engage the public in research

Resources to help you with engaging public(s) and doing research in partnership.

How to... Commercialise your research

Guidance, support and advice on commercialising your research

How to... Engage with industry

A guide to engaging with industry, and information about support and funding available.

How to... Use social media to connect with knowledge users

Practical tips on using social media to engage people in your research

How to... Capture impact from social media

Resources and best practice advice on capturing the impact of your social media activity