Research and Knowledge Exchange

ESRC IAA Rapid Response Fund

Funding to enable academics to respond to consultations or for travel essential to enhancing the impact of research.


The Rapid Response Fund provides funding for

  • Research assistance to help academics submit evidence to calls and consultations
  • Travel essential to enhance impact of research (only where funding from grants or directly by Schools is unavailable).

This funding is part of the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account which enables us to strengthen links with research users, share best practice, and together realise impact in more flexible, responsive and creative ways. Find out more about our Impact Acceleration Account from ESRC.

Funding available

Up to £500.


None. Applications welcome anytime.

How to apply

Please complete the relevant short form.

More information

Anne Sofie Laegran

Knowledge Exchange Manager

  • Knowledge Exchange Office
  • College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

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