Research and Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange Placement Scheme

The Knowledge Exchange Placement scheme provides an opportunity for social science researchers to work within an organisation where their research can be of use.

This Scheme is part of the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account which enables us to strengthen links with research users, share best practice, and together realise impact in more flexible, responsive and creative ways.

Aims of the scheme

  • Build relationships between the University and organisations who can use our research
  • Increase understanding among academic researchers of the context in which research users work; the opportunities for, and barriers to, doing research that has an impact
  • Enable research users to work closely with a researcher from the University and collaborate on high-quality research that can inform thinking and practice.

Who is eligible?

Placements must be centred around social science research conducted by academic staff at the University of Edinburgh. Placements may be held by the Principal Investigators themselves, post-doctoral staff working on research grants or PhD students working on areas closely linked to research conducted by staff. Applications are welcome from social scientists across the University including CSE and CMVM.

What's it like?

Read about Sarah McGeown's experience during her placement at Scottish Book Trust and Book Trust. Sarah is a lecturer in Development Psychology at Moray House School of Education.

Further information


For further information, please contact Laura Cockram, Knowledge Exchange and Communications Adviser, College of Humanities and Social Science on or 0131 651 4211.