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UoE response to COVID

You can find out more about the University's response to COVID19 on Our Response to COVID-19.

New Processes for Restarting Research

Although the University has been able to support the resumption of research in wet labs, the pandemic continues to constrain research activity involving travel and face-to-face data collection, both on and off-campus.  Nevertheless, our Associate Dean for Research Ethics and Integrity, Dr Ailsa Niven, has been leading on developing guidance to support staff and students for cases where it may be feasible to restart research.  Following consultation with representatives from across the University, guidance is available to support both on-campus and off-campus research (please see link for Researcher Check-lists, and decision making flow diagrams).

Please also see attached our CAHSS-specific guidance to supplement the University-level documents.  Please note that for all new and restarting projects, further ethical scrutiny will be required and researchers must include the relevant Research C-19 Check-list with their ethical documentation.

UoE Cross College Hub

You can also find a list of University-wide research on COVID-19 through the Cross College Covid-19 Research Hub.

CAHSS COVID Microsoft Teams Group

For staff, you can share information and ideas about your research, find collaborators, and read about research interests across the College, on our Teams pages. Only internal staff will be able to access this resource, please contact to join.

Introducing SHAPE: How our research is shaping the Covid Response

Read an overview of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences research on COVID-19 (attached below). And you can also read findings and insights on Covid on our Covid Perspectives Blog.