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Research Design & Methods

Adapting Research Methods


Methods for Data Driven and Digitally Engaged Research

The Centre for Data Culture and Society has gathered a range of resources on methods to support Research During The Pandemic.  Resources include topics such as reframing research and modifying design, managing risks, as well as more specialised materials on digital anthropology and ethnography, archival research, digital humanities, fieldwork, network analysis, online discussions/interviews, quantitative data analysis, and social media research.

The Centre for Data, Culture & Society has a range of training opportunities to develop digital skills to support researchers to conduct research more effectively, located on its Training Pages.

Social Science Methods

The Research Training Centre within the School of Social and Political Science has developed resources to support colleagues undertaking research during the pandemic.  The materials include links to existing sources of social science data, guidance on the techniques and tools of analysis, and tips for primary data collection during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Resources are developing but topics currently include:

  • Quantitative datasets: existing COVID19 datasets, key social survey data sets, UK Data Service etc.
  • Primary data collection: doing hands-off fieldwork and digital research during a pandemic, guidance on surveys as method, conducting research on sensitive topics or with vulnerable populations, mixed methods.
  • Quantitative data analysis: various software tools, methods of analysis, data management and data gaps, modelling data, longitudinal data analysis.
  • Qualitative data analysis:  NVivo, discourse analysis, coding qualitative data, thematic analysis.

The resources are available to staff through the Learn site - SPS Research Training Centre: Research Methods Resources.  You will need to be logged into your MyEd or Learn account to access the Learn pages directly from the link above. Alternatively, staff can access the resources through logging in to their Learn account and then by actively enrolling in the Research Training Centre course module.

Micro-Methods Workshops 2020-21

The Research Training Centre and the Student Development Office within SPS are launching an exciting new series of Micro-Methods Workshops open to students and staff from across the School and wider University. The tuition will draw on social science theory and examples. 

Digital Methods and Project Lifecycle 

Digital Research Services also provides a single point of access for researchers to explore new digital methods through their lifecycle, with links to relevant data and computing services, including training opportunities. 

Information Services offers a range of course over the year which can support digital skills and application to research methods.  Registration is currently open for a six month blended self-study programme for staff and students on "Developing Your Data Skills" .  Courses are tailored to knowledge levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Topics include Introduction to Data Skills and Programming;  Statistics and Data Analysis;  Presenting your Data.  View further information on the  learning approaches, format, topics and  levels  here. Spring 2021 cohorts start: January 13th, 18th, 20th, 21st and 26th.

Research Data Service also runs courses to support practices and methods including data management, data cleaning, data interrogation /analysis and data visualisation.  There are limited course available during Semester 1 and details of Semester 2 programme are not yet available.

Open.Ed (Open Education Resources team located in Information Services) also runs digital skills courses throughout the year.  Provision includes some on-line modules including 23 Things for Digital Confidence .