Research and Engagement

Our Strategy

Our 2021-2026 Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE) strategy sets out our priorities and goals for the next five years, and the enablers that will support delivery of these goals. It seeks to adapt our structures and ways of working to new challenges in higher education, and the wider national and international environment.

Guiding principles

Our strategy is informed by five core principles: celebrating the breadth and diversity of our research; enabling research without boundaries; supporting staff in realising ambitious goals; contributing to culture, society and the economy; fostering a strong and inclusive research culture.

The changing research environment

In order to realise our goals, we need to understand, adapt to, and where possible lead, broader trends in our research and knowledge exchange environment. We will focus on four primary areas: research careers; research funding; equality, diversity and inclusion and Covid challenges.

Research themes

We support research collaborations across Schools, mobilising expertise across disciplines to produce new insights and address major societal challenges.

Schools, centres and institutes

Our 11 Schools cover the spectrum of disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences. In addition, we host around 80 Centres and Institutes.


We celebrate the breadth of research approaches, methods and themes across Schools and disciplines, and recognise that this implies the need for diverse forms of support.

Enhancing knowledge exchange and impact

We want our research to benefit society, through enhancing knowledge and skills, producing evidence and technologies, and fostering critical reflection and debate.

Research careers

We are strongly committed to supporting our early career researchers (ECRs) in building the skills, research profile, and contacts they need to establish and consolidate successful research careers.

Research integrity

We support our researchers to adhere to the highest standards of research integrity, and effectively meet the challenges of an increasingly complex research environment.

International collaborations

Much of our research and knowledge exchange activity focuses on addressing global challenges, and we are strongly committed to deepening and extending our international collaborations and partnerships to co-deliver these goals.


Research and Knowledge Exchange strategy 2021-26

Our  strategy document sets out the College's priorities and goals for the next five years.