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The College hosts over 80 centres and institutes, many of them spanning different disciplines and Schools. The groupings are often the incubators of most of our cutting-edge and prestigious research

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Centres & Institutes

The Edinburgh Futures Institute

The Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) is one of our most important initiatives, established to pursue knowledge and understanding that can help navigate complex futures. EFI has a particular focus on harnessing big data and digitisation to promote social welfare. Working with industry, government and communities, at home and abroad, it aims to build challenge-led and data-rich portfolio of activity that has demonstrable ethical, social, cultural, economic and environmental impact. EFI is part of the Edinburgh and South West Scotland City Region Deal, a multimillion pound investment (£1.3bn) by the UK and Scottish Governments aiming to attract inward investment, support skills developement and entrepreneurship, with aim of securing economic prosperity for all. As a component of EFI, the Centre for Data, Culture and Society (founded in 2019) provides a locus for data-driven and digitally-engaged research across the diciplines. 

The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (IASH) was established 50 years ago, and is one of the worlds premier institutes for Advanced Study. IASH supports innovation research and public engagement activites across the arts, humanities and social sciences through a range of interdisciplinary and international projects and programmes.

You can read about our many and diverse centres within School research pages, and grouped under the College themes.


CAHSS Centres Research Strategy

CAHSS Centres Governance

One of our priorities is to ensure that ambitious and successful centres have appropriate support, guidance and governance structures to enable them to flourish. In 2018 we developed a centre strategy to enhance support for, and governance of, our research centres. We have worked with Schools and Centre leads to update guidance and processes for establishing centres, share best practice on centre governance and resourcing, encourage centres in setting more ambitious goals and identify support for training needs for Centre leaders.

Guidance and processes  for establishing centres (The University's Intranet)

Research Centre Governance Guide for Schools (The University's Intranet)

ERO documents to support funding strategies and portfolio funding models (The University's Intranet)