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Currently, researchers at the University of Edinburgh are investigating young people's perceptions of terrorism and violence, arising from exposure to news reporting and imagery on TV, social and wider media.

This event offers an art worshop for young people (age 15+) to explore their perceptions of conflict and peace and an exhibition of artwork by young people in Edinburgh who have participated in the research.  No need to book - just come along. 

The workshop will be live from approximately 12pm and will continue on until around 5pm, possibly later if there is demand.

Please be aware that this event is not suitable for younger children.

For further information please see visit the Youth Arts View website.

Contact details:  |   @YOUTH Arts View  

This event is part of Leith Labs explores... social science.


If you have a query about this event, please contact Simona DiFolco   |     Tel: 0131 6 514 194     |     Twitter: @Simona_Di_Folco



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Let it Art!

Art workshop for young people (age 15+) exploring conflict and peace.

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