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Experiencing the social work world

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‘Experiencing the social work world’ is an exhibition using artwork and aural narratives that invites the viewer/listener to think about and find out more about the daily practice of social workers.

Social workers are unable to report on the practice due to issues of confidentiality. As a result, their voices are often missing from any kind of public debate. This gap has been filled by media agencies; their stories of social work failures have played an important part in creating and maintaining a hostile kind of discourse that paints social workers as fools or folk-devils.

The exhibition has been created with the hope of providing the public with a different perspective; a more sensitive insight into what social work means to those who do social work on a daily basis.

This event is part of Leith Labs explores... social science.

Did you know? This year marks the centenary of Social Work studies at the University of Edinburgh. Find out more >





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Experiencing the social work world

The Social Work studies department at the University of Edinburgh is celebrating its 100th birthday. This exhibition is a space to find out more about what it is really like to be a social worker.

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