Research and Knowledge Exchange


Our expertise has helped a range of organisations and businesses. Find out how in our short case studies.

Greening the infrastructure sector through data-driven innovation

Working with Costain, business experts have explored how using data from smart technologies can improve the cost-effective, low carbon delivery of major infrastructure projects.

Using innovative, research-led learning to co-design a sustainable community hub

Working with an Eco Housing Co-operative, researchers and students have collaborated on the design of a sustainable new community hub and growing space on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Evidencing a social enterprise to help people with dementia access foreign language learning

two speech bubbles
Using research on the benefits of bilingualism, a new Scottish social enterprise has been established to provide older adults with dementia with tailored foreign language workshops.

Helping the BBC support parents and children to share online activities that stimulate learning

Child's learning (thumbnail)
Working with the BBC, researchers have developed parent-friendly suggestions to enhance children’s enjoyment of, and learning from, CBeebies online games.

Embedding research-led teaching on sustainability in the design of a major gateway project

Gogarburn workshop
Collaborating with Concrete Scotland and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, construction experts have engaged students and local schools in the design of a public artwork for a new interchange.

Collaborating to improve the experience of the built environment for people with dementia

Using findings from a literature review, researchers have assisted a design company to develop consistent, helpful and attractive signage for a range of environments.

Designing-with-data to meet the changing needs of business analysts

Through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, a design expert was able to work within industry to help a growing software company offer clients an improved online customer experience.

Experts address key industry challenges at Construction AIMday

Academic-practitioners bring their experience to bear on a range of questions posed by UK industry.

What’s the key to a successful partnership with industry?

We talk to Professor Remo Pedreschi and Company Director, Martin McHugh.