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Part-time applicants

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences offers some part-time study programmes for undergraduate degrees.

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If you are interested in studying part-time, a number of our degree programmes are available for part-time study.

These are:

BA Childhood Practice

BD Divinity (Ordinary and Honours degrees)

Religious Studies (MA)

Level of commitment

Part-time students take either one or two courses a year and attend the same daytime classes as full-time students. The number of classes each week varies from course to course, but is likely to average about four per course.

In addition, time must be set aside for independent study including reading, preparation, essay writing and revision for examinations.


Timeframes for completing part-time study

An Ordinary degree, which would require three years of full-time study, should normally require no less than five years and no more than eight years of part-time study.

Similarly, an Honours degree would require four years of full-time study should normally require no less than six and no more than ten years of part-time study. (For the BD, the usual minimum time is six years and the maximum is nine.)

To maintain satisfactory progress, a part-time student has to pass at least one course each year.


Entry requirements

The entry requirements for part-time students are the same as for full-time students.

University Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for school leavers and adult returner applicants can be found in the relevant sections:

UK school leaver applicants

Adult Returner applicants

There are certain factors that can make you less likely to receive an offer. Please see the following link for further details:

Information for unsuccessful applicants