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Sound group awarded major grant

Researchers in the Acoustics and Audio Group have been awarded prestigious funding through the European Research Council’s Proof of Concept scheme.

The new project, Wave-based Room Acoustics Modelling (WRAM), will seek to commercialise technology that gives lifelike acoustics to virtual spaces in computer games and simulations, a process called auralisation.

Developing further

WRAM builds on the NESS Project (Next Generation Sound Synthesis), a joint endeavour between Edinburgh College of Art and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, led by Dr Stefan Bilbao of the Reid School of Music.

Dr Bilbao and fellow NESS Project member Dr Brian Hamilton have been working with large-scale simulations of room acoustics, creating high quality auralisation of virtual spaces in 3D. WRAM will further develop this joint work.

Commercial application

The project will begin in December 2016 and runs until June 2018. 

ERC Proof of Concept grants are designed to support current ERC-funded projects in translating the results for commercial or societal application.

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