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Second World War stories shared by researchers

Stories of Scotland’s contribution to the Second World War are set to be commemorated through the launch of a new research network.

The project will help universities, museums and cultural organisations in Scotland explore some of the untold stories from the conflict.

Sharing expertise

Edinburgh researchers have received an Arts & Humanities Network Award grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh to develop the network.

The Second World War Studies Network (Scotland) will provide a forum for experts to address a broad range of topics and themes relating to the Second World War while raising public awareness of Scottish wartime experience within a wider global and comparative perspective.

Dr Wendy Ugolini, Senior Lecturer in Modern British History, and Tobias Kelly, Professor of Political and Legal Anthropology, will be working in partnership with David Forsyth, Principal Curator of Modern and Contemporary History at National Museums Scotland, on the project.  

International conference  

An international conference, which commemorates the eightieth anniversary of the second year of the Second World War, is taking place at the University in June to mark the launch of the Network.

This award presents an exciting opportunity to collaborate with other public bodies and to explore the ways in which we record and commemorate the Second World War histories of both Scotland and beyond. 

Dr Wendy UgoliniSchool of History, Classics and Archaeology

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Image: © IWM (A 30987)