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Lifetime achievement award for IASH head

A major academic association has given a member of staff a lifetime achievement award for their dedication to developing the study of Europe.

Professor Jo Shaw will receive the award from UACES, the academic association for Contemporary European Studies, in Krakow in September.

Prof Shaw is the head of the University’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. She also holds the Salvesen Chair of European Institutions in Edinburgh Law School.

It is amazing and humbling to receive this award. I am especially happy to be recognised for my interdisciplinarity and my commitment to mentoring the next generation of scholars.

Professor Jo Shaw

European studies

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the development of European Studies as a discipline.

UACES is a membership organisation for academics, students and practitioners who are interested in all aspects of Europe and the European Union.

Jo fully deserves the UACES life-time award for her scholarship on EU law and her comparative constitutional ethnography of citizenship. She also deserves it as a good citizen of academia who has devoted much of her time to building institutions and networks where academic research could flourish. Most importantly, she is also a people-builder who has helped countless numbers of young academics to grow and find their way in the academic jungle that we call our home.

Rainer BauböckEuropean University Institute

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